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SteadyMD is Going Cha-Ching

Mar 22, 2018 by

What happened?

SteadyMD, the company paving the way for CrossFitters to have access to primary care physicians who actually understand functional fitness and its benefits, is announcing a major round of funding later today. We’re talking $2.5 million in cold, hard greenbacks.

Dang, that’s some cash. 

And it’s not just for their functional fitness practice, which is led by Dr. Dani Urcuyo — husband to Julie Foucher. All told, SteadyMD has eight online primary care practices that cater to specific patient groups: Bodybuilding, Strength Training, Functional Fitness, Running, Triathlon, LGBTQ, Diabetes, and General Health.

CEO Guy Friedman’s mission is to make “high-quality, high-attention concierge health care available and affordable to millions of Americans,” and this round of investment will allow them to rapidly expand.

I want that.

Join the club. No seriously, they’re now accepting applications.

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