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Thursday Brief: What You Need to Know for Reykjavik CrossFit Championship

May 2, 2019 by

The 9th Sanctional of the season kicks off tomorrow in Reykjavik, Iceland as 24 women, 28 men and 15 team are vying for a coveted invite to the CrossFit Games. 

  • Six female and five male athletes have already qualified and that list could grow by two more depending on how national champion verification officially shakes out. 
  • This is actually a good thing for contenders.

Deep dive: Chad Schroeder dives in deep and analyzes the competitive field, including teams. For the athletes competing this weekend, this is realistically one of their last opportunities to get an invite.

Power Rankings: Morning Chalk Up’s data scientist Scott Henderson did the hard work for you and ranked the top 10 men and women.

  • Top 5 Men: BK Gudmundsson, Streat Hoerner, Roman Khrennikov, Lukas Esslinger and Tim Paulson.
  • Top 5 Women: Thuri Helgadottir, Haley Adams, Jacqueline Dahlstrom, Emilia Leppanen, and Emelye Dwyer. 
  • Full list.

Pay close attention: Team JST made a last minute roster change, swapping out Emma McQuaid with heavy hitter Sam Briggs, after McQuaid sustained a wrist injury. 

  • Lauren Smith dropped into JST for an exclusive interview with three of the original athletes from JST’s 2017 Games team who are returning for another shot. 
  • Fun Fact: CrossFit JST is the only affiliate in England to ever send a team to the CrossFit Games. 

Following along live: Tommy Marquez and Justin LoFranco will be on the ground to bring you end-to-end coverage from Iceland. 

Reykjavik CrossFit Championship

Sam Briggs | Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson | Tim Paulson | Thuri Helgadottir | Haley Adams | Lukas Esslinger

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