Take That, Coca-Cola

May 3, 2019 by
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CrossFit Memorial Hill in Kansas City, MO just finished renovating a 22,000 square foot historic Coca-Cola bottling plant to house a wellness center.

Way to stick it to the man.

Owner Matt Scanlon left his job working in long-term healthcare in 2012 to open CrossFit Memorial Hill.

“It didn’t take long for me to realize that by the time a patient entered into the long-term healthcare system there was no getting out. Unfortunately, most residents of these facilities are in their 50s and 60s and are in nursing homes because of metabolic diseases. I felt that the relationships and trust built with a CrossFit coach provided the infrastructure to tackle such a complex problem. So the idea was always to return to healthcare, but with fitness and nutrition as primary focus.”

And so he did.

Today this goal becomes a reality with the grand re-opening of what is being dubbed a “Functional Community Center.” Inside this community center you’ll find all your standard CrossFit fare; bikes, rowers, barbells, dumbbells, and the like.

But you’ll also find a veteran-owned barber shop, a chiropractor, physical therapist, two nonprofit organizations promoting health, a yoga and mindfulness studio, a nutritionist, and a workout space for adaptive athletes complete with a rig from GetRX’d.

That’s a lot of fitness in one space.

“Our hope with this space is that it provides a proof-of-concept not only for healthcare but for the fitness industry as well. Proof that there is value in promoting health, not just reacting to disease. And proof that a 100-year old building that once pumped out millions of gallons of soda can become a place where healthy community thrives,” said Scanlon.

The open house celebration is today and the entire community is invited to come check it out.

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