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Three More Sanctionals Tap the Open as Their Qualifier

Jul 18, 2019 by

In an announcement posted to Instagram early this morning, three more European Sanctionals have decided to use the 2019-2020 CrossFit Open as their qualifier, bringing the total to six Sanctionals.

The backdrop: The decision whether to join the International Online Qualifier or some other means was discussed at a Sanctionals-confab during the French Throwdown last month, where nearly all European Sanctionals organizers attended. 

  • Filthy150 in Dublin is using the International Online Qualifier.
  • Madrid CrossFit Championship is expected to join that coalition.
  • CrossFit Italian Showdown has their own unique, 1500 athlete  in-person qualification system.
  • CrossFit German Throwdown is still TBD. 

The big picture: This season, the Down Under CrossFit Championship was the only event out of fifteen to us the Open as a qualifier. With two weeks left until the Games, we now have six of the 28 – more than 20% – confirmed events for the 2020 Games season using the worldwide open. The announcement also came with all four events included together, which is another move towards a more unified front from Sanctionals working together to iron out best practices amongst themselves.

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