Late last night, CrossFit released the heat and lane assignments for both individual and teams for event 1.

At the end of event 1, the field will be cut down to 75 athletes.

How athletes are seeded: Back in October when athlete seeding was first introduced to encourage participation in the Open among the elite, it wasn’t entirely clear how important that would be come day 1 at the CrossFit Games, but with a steep cut coming it’s an important factor for athletes close to the bubble line.

  • Flashback to October 2019: “Overall competitor seeding at the Games will be determined by athletes’ scores in the 2019 worldwide CrossFit Open.”
  • There will be three male and female heats, all with about 40-50 athletes in each heat.
  • It actually matters who you’re competing next to, especially for athletes who’ll likely finish closer to 55-75 placement. All it takes is a few more reps or seconds across the finish line to move the needle in a field this large.
  • Top seeded men: 1). Mathew Fraser, 2). BK Gudmundsson, 3). Jacob Heppner.
  • Top seeded women: 1). Sara Sigmundsdottir, 2). Annie Thorisdottir, 3). Kristin Holte.
  • Ben Smith is in Heat 1.
  • Heat + Lane Assignments: Men | Women

In case you missed it: Here’s my take on what event 1 will be, the main site WOD programmed for today.

4 Rounds for Time:
400m run
3 legless rope climbs
7 snatches (185/125)

One thing that isn’t clear: How were teams seeded?

  • Teams are separated into two heats.
  • Heat 1: Invictus Boston, Invictus X, CrossFit Alioth, OC3 Black, X-Terminators, PRO1, and Team JST Compete.
  • Heat 2: CrossFit Vondelgym, Don’t Stop, Cenetral Beasts, Mayhem Freedom, Project X, CrossFIt Krypton, and Invictus.
  • Team rosters.
  • We don’t yet know how the teams will be cut, but no one I’ve talked to expects a cut after event 1.

Something I’ll be paying attention to: Seven female athletes opted not to do the Open at all and are seeded last in the first heat. How much does their seeding affect the outcome?

  • The seven: Michelle Merand (Fittest in Cape Town), Emma Tall (Strength in Depth), Erin Vandendriessche (Italian Showdown), Hanna Karlsson (Reykjavik CrossFit Championship), Rachel Garibay (Rogue Invitational), Alice Mille (CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown), and Emily Rolfe (Granite Games).

CrossFit Games

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