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Why We Should All Aim To Crack The Elusive 201 In 20.5

November 10, 2019 by and
(Source: Gregg Wilson)
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For the first time in the Open’s history, we’ve been handed a choose your own adventure. Strategy is the name of the game and there could be 17,000 reasons why you should reattempt 20.5.

The elusive 201st rep: Whether you like it or not that Ring Muscle Up (RMU) can’t be avoided forever, and even despite being able to choose your own rep scheme, 20.5 is going to reward those who’ve been practicing this higher level skill to edge beyond the 200 reps earned from rowing and wall balls.

How much is it worth: Again, our numbers guy looked back at recent Open workouts, but in relation to how many people were registered for the 2020 CrossFit Open.

You can also read our predictions for HSPU and heavy cleans in earlier weeks and just for the record, we weren’t too far off the money.

It’s back: The RMU is by far the most valuable movement and hasn’t appeared in the Open since 18.3.

  • Ladies, be prepared to jump a massive 17,281 positions up the worldwide leaderboard if you can muster just one RMU this week.
  • Men, that same single rep could be worth around 10,937 positions.
  • While that first RMU proves more of a barrier for women than men, it turns out more women can string the movement together than men. The second RMU is still incredibly valuable moving you up 17,715 (female) and 12,338 (male) positions.
  • After the first two elusive reps, each ring muscle-up could be worth on average 523 (female) and 1,758 (male) reps.

For what it’s worth:

  • A single bar muscle-up rep would have placed women 21,751 places on the leaderboard in last season’s Open.
  • For Male athletes, the single rep would have been worth approximately 12,908 places.

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