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Fan Favorite Dan Bailey Ready for Day 2

Nov 23, 2019 by

Dan Bailey ran out onto the competition floor at his first-ever Sanctional to thundering applause and some “nervous jitters.” The five-time CrossFit Games is a fan favorite and welcome sight back in competition. Bailey suffered a string of set back over the past two seasons, injuring his pec at the 2017 Central Regional and his knee during Open workout 18.2a the following year. 

Bailey said in a lead-up interview that he’s not putting any expectations on his performance this weekend but he’s glad to be back out on the competition floor. 

“I’ve only been training hard for the past five, six months,” Bailey said. 

Day 1 

Bailey had a decent start to kick off the Sanctional season, ending the day tied for 10th overall. 

He got the crowd to their feet during event 3 when he hit a 120 kg/264 pound snatch, his third post-surgery PR of the day. 

“I couldn’t even hit 230 [pounds] last week,” Bailey said. The PR was 30 pounds more than he’d hit in training since his knee surgery. 

There are still six more events this weekend and you can watch all the action streamed live on

Filthy 150

Dan Bailey

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