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The Final Hunt for the First Sanctionals Invite

Nov 23, 2019 by

Day 2 of competition has concluded and the leaderboard is starting to firm up at the top. Now it’s a race to figure out who’s likely to grab the coveted invite to the 2020 CrossFit Games. 

On deck for tomorrow: Three total events and 300 points. The day kicks off with the 4km bike into 1km run, followed by Sisyphus and the currently unannounced final event. 


Current standings: 

  1. Justin Medeiros — 508
  2. Adrian Mundwiler — 444
  3. Tim Paulson — 426*
  4. Sean Sweeney — 420
  5. Will Moorad — 416
  6. Nick Mathew — 406
  7. Cedric Lapointe — 400
  8. Roman Khrennikov — 388*
  9. Dan Bailey — 331
  10. Lukas Esslinger — 324*
    * Denotes already qualified unofficially through the Open. 

Who’s in the hunt: Justin Medeiros and Adrian Mundwiler. 

  • The gap is pretty wide at 64 points. It’s not impossible but it is improbably that Mundwiler is able to overcome this deficit. 
  • The point spread between 1st and 2nd is only six points, which means Mundwiler will need to create enough space between him and Medeiros. 
  • If Medeiros averages 5th or better over the next three events, he’ll win overall and receive the invite. 
  • Sean Sweeney is 88 points behind, but he’s very likely to earn an invite from the Open when it all shakes out. 
  • Will Moorad is 92 points behind.


Current standings:

  1. Sara Sigmundsdottir — 564*
  2. Kristin Holte — 546*
  3. Emma McQuaid — 466*
  4. Steph Chung — 458
  5. Andrea Solberg — 440
  6. Emelie Lundberg — 424
  7. Kelsey Kiel — 366
  8. Alexys Dtiole — 356
  9. Samantha Briggs — 346*
  10. Nicole Burke — 330
    * Denotes already qualified unofficially through the Open. 

Who’s in the hunt: Steph Chung, Andrea Solberg and Emelie Lundberg. 

  • 18 points separates Chung and Solberg, which is the difference between placing 1st and 5th in an event. 
  • 34 points separates Chung and Lundberg, which is the difference between placing 1st and 9th in an event. 
  • All three athletes are placed 3rd through 5th, and if Sigmundsdottir and Holte continue to trade 1st and 2nd place finishes, it will be even harder to create some distance to make up points. 

For what it’s worth: Sigmundsdottir and Holte are having near flawless performances. Sigmundsdottir hasn’t finished lower than 3rd in any event, and Holte’s only trip-up was a 9th place finish in the snatch. 

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Stephanie Chung | Justin Medeiros | Adrian Mundwiler | Andrea Solberg

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