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CrossFit Games Invites From 2019 Sanctionals

Dec 18, 2019 by

After four Sanctionals, a handful of teams and athletes have qualified through the new Sanctionals system. Because the CrossFit Open leaderboard has not been finalized yet, these are not official but represent the most likely scenario given no additional changes. At this time, no changes are expected.

Men: The only athlete who’s really up in the air is Tola Morakinyo, who’s invite is dependent on three athletes deciding to go team which is all but a foregone conclusion at this point.

  1. Justin Medeiros — Filthy 150
  2. Khan Porter — Pandaland CrossFit Challenge
  3. Pete Shaw — SouthFit CrossFit Challenge
  4. Tola Morakinyo — Dubai CrossFit Championship


  1. Andrea Solberg — Filthy 150
  2. Harriet Roberts — Pandaland CrossFit Challenge
  3. Bethany Shadburne — SouthFit CrossFit Challenge
  4. Samantha Briggs — Dubai CrossFit Championship

Team: The teams are really set in stone barring a situation of a team declining of failing the drug test.

  1. ROMWOD Meat Squad (Brooke Haas, Christian Harris, Kelly Baker, and Dex Hopkins) — Filthy 150
  2. Team Butchers Lab (Rebecka Vitesson, Louise Wickstrom, Andre Houdet, and Julian Kragh-Magschvitsz) — Pandaland CrossFit Challenge
  3. Odd Squad (Alexis Johnson, Emily Tanner, Jordan Cook and Brandon Luckett) — SouthFit CrossFit Challenge
  4. MisFit P10 Performance (Travis Williams, Roy Gamboa, Andrea Nisler and Taylor Williamson) — Dubai CrossFit Championship

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Justin Medeiros | Andrea Solberg | Bethany Shadburne | Pete Shaw | Tola Morakinyo | Sam Briggs | Harriet Roberts | Khan Porter

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