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Seven Key Takeaways from Castro’s Instagram with Froning and McKernan

Jun 26, 2020 by

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During a second live Instagram Q&A on Thursday night, Dave Castro was joined by Rich Froning and Rory McKernan to answer questions about the state of the CrossFit Games and changes coming in the aftermath of the news of CrossFit, Inc. selling to Eric Roza. 

Here are seven key takeaways:

  1. Castro and the Games future: Castro is back to programming the Games for this season and the foreseeable future. Though currently acting as CEO, he alluded to moving back to his previous position as Director of the Games once the sale becomes final in July
    • “Yeah I’m gonna program. I’m going to program this year, program next year, program for as long as I’m going to program at this point,” commented Castro.
    • Castro also mentioned that incoming owner and CEO Eric Roza is supportive of the Games and wants them to grow even more.
    • Castro said that the return to the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin for the 2021 season is still the plan and that it would be for the next couple of years.
    • He also reiterated that the Games would be held at the earliest in mid-September and that media coverage would be a huge focus of Roza’s for the Games.
  2. The future of Sanctionals: McKernan and Froning then were added to the feed and their first question was regarding Sanctionals. Froning has a vested interest with the Mayhem Classic, an officially sanctioned CrossFit competition.
    • “Too early to tell,” was Castro’s first response. 
    • Castro did say that once again Roza was excited about the competition season and that he, General Manager of the CrossFit Games Justin Bergh and Roza would meet shortly to discuss the upcoming season.
    • They would then seek feedback from media, organizers and other entities on what format makes the most sense.
  3. The 2021 Open: Castro addressed that due to the Games being pushed back to September that the Open would be shifted as well.
    • “Not October,” commented Castro when asked when the Open would be held for the 2021 season.
    • He said they were looking to move the Open back to February/March timeframe.
    • Castro also said another reason it made sense to do that was because it gave athletes “something to train for in a time when they are in the gym.”
  4. The 2020 CrossFit Games: Castro was asked by McKernan if he felt that he could create a test of fitness at the Ranch that was equal or better than the ones he had done in past Games.
    • “This will be legit! One of the best ever,” stated Castro in regards to this year’s Games.
    • Castro also said that due to not having to program for teams and the other divisions that he has had more time to plan events and program them without worrying about logistical constraints.
    • Once again Castro stated the Games at Aromas will be the best and hardest test to date.
  5. Being CEO: Castro discussed what he accomplished in his short time as CEO of the company and his thoughts on the changes.
    • “I’m okay with this outcome,” when asked about the sale and him relinquishing his role as CEO.
    • “If I paid the amount of money he (Roza) did for CrossFit, I would put myself as CEO to,” Castro said.
    • Castro then said he could now concentrate on the 2020 Games and in the end this would work out in the long run for everybody.
  6. On the criticism and shots he took over the last two weeks: Castro was not spared from his share of criticism during his time as CEO, taking heat from a number of people and the media.
    • “They fucking turn their back on you in a minute,” Castro stated on the criticism he received from the community.
    • His time as CEO also showed him it was “tough being in the spotlight” after being scrutinized for everything he did or did not do over the last two weeks.
    • Castro then stated, “I care about the community and I care about everyone in it. I care about the affiliates. I care about what we do.”
  7. His impact during his time as CEO: Though only CEO for a short time, Castro mentioned the things that he and HQ had put in place to bring together a community that was in turmoil.
    • The CrossFit Affiliate Representatives was a program Castro introduced over a week ago to much fanfare. He mentioned how they were going to announce the Regional representatives every few days.
    • The weekly newsletter to affiliates was something Castro oversaw, emphasizing that it would be sent out at the minimum of once per week.
    • Castro then discussed a new Community Program that would be introduced next week. The program would target communities that do not have systems in place for fitness and fitness education. The goal is to introduced CrossFit to less fortunate individuals, teach skills, mentor them and even provide free Level 1 certifications. The launch of the program will be in Atlanta.
    • “We are going to make changes,” commented Castro on the future of CrossFit in the community.

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