Courtney Roselle Makes Her Titan Games Debut

July 28, 2020 by
Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/NBC
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The final episode of NBC’s The Titan Games preliminary rounds was broadcast on Monday evening with the East Region continuing it’s search for it’s champion. Brazen Athletics CrossFit coach Courtney Roselle made her national televised debut and let it be known that she is a force to be reckoned with as she competed to represent the Region in The Titan Games final.

Event 1, “Nuts and Bolts:” Roselle would face off against fellow New Jersey native and firefighter Shantal Athill for the chance to take on defending East Titan Haley Johnson.

  • Roselle jumped out a huge lead, the former college basketball player used her height advantage as well as her strength to clear two rows of weights off her wall before Athill could get one weight off of hers. With over 350 lbs still on her wall, Roselle made the decision to try to lower her wall while Athill continued to labor. Her decision ended up being the wrong one as she struggled to get her wall lowered and had to abandon that plan and head back to remove more weight. This time around she cleared her wall completely as Athill continued to struggle. Roselle easily lowered her bare wall, pulled the “Victory Chain” and then leapt into the arms of her family and friends watching in the crowd. Roselle – 1, Athill – 0.

Event 2, “Lunar Impact:” Roselle was only one win away from getting her shot at Johnson on Mount Olympus. On paper she would have the advantage in this event but Athill still had fight in her and had speed on her side.

  • Athill’s speed advantage was quickly eliminated as she slipped trying to get atop the elevated platform. This gave Roselle a full-head of steam and she had all the momentum as she pushed the dividing wall easily despite Athill’s best efforts. Roselle saw little resistance and pushed Athill off the platform for the victory and the sweep. Roselle – 2, Athill – 0.
Photo Credit: Steve Dietl/NBC

Mount Olympus: Roselle now had to face off against fellow powerhouse Johnson on her home turf. Johnson had won twice on Mount Olympus, besting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s hand-picked Titan two weeks ago and then defending her title of East Region Titan last week against professional wrestler Dasha Kuret. Johnson held the advantage having run the course twice while this would be Roselle’s first shot at it.

  • In what would end up being the closest race on Mount Olympus in the women’s field this season, both athletes were even through the first few obstacles. Roselle stumbled slightly in the “Log Lift” giving Johnson a slight lead heading into the “Sky Bridge”. Roselle regained the lead on “Crank Down” and was the first athlete into “Cage Crawl” but both came out of that obstacle tied as they both sprinted to their respective “Ball & Chain.” Roselle then showed her power as she easily pulled the 300 LB wrecking ball to the “Titan Tomb” and proceeded to use the connecting sledgehammer to break into the tomb and retrieve the relic. Johnson applied late pressure but it was Roselle who retrieved her relic first and was able to claim victory and become the new East Region Titan.

What’s next: Roselle will face either Johnson, Kuret or Hannah Teter in the East Regional Finals. The winner on Mount Olympus next week will move onto The Titan Games finals.

  • On the men’s side, high school teacher Will Sutton outlasted Army paratrooper Joshua Porter who ran out of gas to defend his spot as the East Region Titan.
  • A win by Roselle will make it a clean-sweep of CrossFit athletes as Regional Titans competing in the Finals. Dani Speegle (Central) and Margaux Alvarez (West) won their Regions earlier in the season.
  • The Titan Games broadcasts every Monday at 8:00 EST on NBC.

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