Rogue Stimulus Increases Min Wage to 3x National Average

September 30, 2020 by
Photo Credit: Rogue (
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Rogue Fitness, the leading manufacturer and distributor of strength and conditioning equipment, announced their second hourly wage increase in recent months to help put more money in the pockets of their hourly employees. The most recent bump increases the base pay for hourly employees a total of $9 an hour, which brings the minimum hourly wage for Rogue employees to $25, or 3x the national average.

  • The national minimum hourly wage is $7.25.
  • Ohio’s minimum wage is $8.55.
  • Rogue Fitness’ is $25.

Bill Heninger, Rogue Fitness Founder/Owner: “We have always invested in our people and in equipment. Over the past 6 months, this investment has been substantial and we wanted to make sure that the 1200 people working at Rogue were paid for their hard work. We want the people that work here to be proud of what they do and to be able to provide for their families. This has always been a priority and that will never change.

One big thing: Rogue is a bright spot in what is otherwise a down economy. Back in March, they hired 100 employees to help manufacture medical supplies like masks, gowns, shields and ventilators. Then in May, they hired another 200 employees to help with surging demand for home fitness equipment on top of signing a contract with Michigan-based iron foundry Cadillac Casting to begin production of “160,000 loads per year” of kettlebells for the U.S. market. Now Rogue is hiring again plus with better pay.

Why it matters: The new positions Rogue is hiring for an in manufacturing and production in a state where manufacturing jobs are still down 5.9% compared to 12 months ago, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • The Ohio unemployment rate is still 3.1% higher (currently 8.9%) than pre-COVID despite steady improvements to the overall and local economies.

The bottom line: Since March, when the COVID-19 pandemic reached the United States in full force, Rogue Fitness has been at the forefront of the CrossFit community in doing their part to help. This announcement is the most recent effort to help those affected by the pandemic while continuing to service and serve the community they’ve been a big part in building. Rogue Fitness will be on display again in just a few weeks as the final stage of the 2020 CrossFit Games kicks off in Aromas, CA.

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