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Official Trailer For Resurgence Drops, Three Big Takeaways

June 2, 2021 by
Image Credit: Buttery Bros
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The official trailer for the latest CrossFit Games documentary by the Buttery Bros titled Resurgence has dropped, delivering three action packed minutes about the chaos that was the 2020 CrossFit Games season. 

Check out the full trailer below as well as three major takeaways from our first look at the new movie. 

1. The Movie Drops July 20

Why this matters: The official release date of the film is slated for one week before the listed start date for the 2021 CrossFit Games — July 27 — on the CrossFit Games website. The weeks leading up to the Games are a prime window to showcase the film. 

The community’s antennas for CrossFit content are up in anticipation of Games, and given the name of the film — Resurgence — and the stark contrast of the two seasons, the film should serve as a reminder of the treacherous waters that CrossFit and the sport has managed to navigate in order to stay afloat. Collectively being reminded of the obstacles we have overcome should allow us to better celebrate where we are when we step foot onto the ground of the Alliant Energy Center a week later in Madison.

2. Touchy Subjects Get Touched On

Why this matters: The trailer included images of the social media posts from athlete boycotts, and commentary around the havoc that the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked on the season. Considering that the film is being made in conjunction with CrossFit LLC., you simply cannot tell the story of the 2020 season without including these sensitive subjects in the movie. The reality is the current ownership and leadership group would not be in place, and the 2020 Games would not have been what they were, without the difficult circumstances that unfolded nearly a year ago to the day. Acknowledging the past helps us shape the present, and avoid similar mistakes in the future. 

3. Bubble = Better Access

Why this matters: As amazing as a full fledged CrossFit Games can be, there are limitations to the level of access and behind the scenes coverage a team can provide with fields of 40 athletes, and sprawling multi-venue competition footprints with thousands of fans in attendance. The circumstances of the stage two “bubble,” that athletes, event organizers, and media had to enter in order to make the Games happen meant a more intimate environment with more up close and personal access to all the athletes competing. When the width of the scope of coverage gets decreased, the depth of coverage increases, which should hopefully provide us a viewpoint of the Games and its participants we have not gotten before. 

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