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How Training Camps Performed at the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games

August 10, 2021 by
Photo Credit: Chris Greer
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We discussed the success of athletes who elected not to participate in “the training camp” life but how did the other athletes in the field who decided to train with fellow competitors fare at the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games? We crunched some of the numbers and here is what we found.

By the numbers: We only tracked camps that had more than one athlete represented at the Games. 

  • Additionally, if an athlete had to withdraw due to COVID-19 (Underdogs Athletics athletes Kari Pearce and Bethany Shadburne) or simply didn’t show up due to travel issues (Brute Strength’s Roman Khrennikov and Mayhem’s Stas Solodov) those scores were not factored into the averages. 
  • However, if an athlete received points and a placing before having to withdraw (PRVN’s Brooke Wells) that placing was factored in.
  • Camps must have had more than one athlete in their division to receive an average (The Training Plan had just one female competing, Annie Thorisdottir).
Brute StrengthZach Watts
Roman Khrennikov
Emma Cary
Kara Saunders
CompTrainCole Sager
Chandler Smith
Amanda Barnhart
Katrin Davidsdottir
DEKA COMPPatrick Vellner
Ellie Turner
Invictus FitnessRegan Huckaby
Dani Speegle
Mayhem AthleteAlex Vigneault
Royce Dunne
Samuel Cournoyer
Alexandre Caron
Aleksandar Ilin
Stas Solodov
Haley Adams
Baylee Rayl
Jessica Griffith
Sasha Nievas
Misfit AthleticsRogelio Gamboa
Mekenzie Riley
Caroline Conners
PRVN FitnessWill Moorad
Tia-Clair Toomey
Brooke Wells
Redpill TrainingEmma McQuaid
Samantha Briggs
THE PROGRMGabriela MigałaJ
acqueline Dahlstrøm
The Training PlanBjörgvin Karl Guðmundsson
Henrik Haapalainen
Annie Thorisdottir
Training Think TankNoah Ohlsen
Travis Mayer
Sam Stewart
Alessandra Pichelli
Underdogs AthleticsDanielle Brandon
Kari Pearce
Bethany Shadburne
  • Over half of the individual athletes (42) competing at the Games were part of a training camp.
  • Mayhem Athletics had the most individual athletes represented with ten and also had the most men (6) and women (4) that qualified for the Games.
  • The Training Plan had the overall highest average finish at 8.3 thanks to Thorisdottir’s third place finish and Guðmundsson’s 4th place.
  • The Training Plan had the highest average finish for the men again due to Guðmundsson’s 4th place added with Haapalainen’s 18th for an average of 11th.
  • On the women’s side CompTrain had the highest average finish at 9.5 with Barnhart’s 9th and Davidsdottir’s 10th place finish.

The bottom line: There isn’t any real data to quantify which training camps are more successful than the other or to determine if the current trend of athletes gathering together to train is effective or not. There’s simply not enough historical data to determine that right now but we do know that the training camps aren’t going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

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