RPM Training Co. Is Now Taking Orders for the At-Home ATOM Training System

November 14, 2021 by
Photo Credit: RPM Training Co.
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RPM Training Co. expanded in a major way in late July with the official reveal of Atom, an at-home training system designed for functional fitness enthusiasts. Now the time has come for these enthusiasts to get their first look. Atom and its equipment kits are now available. 

Remind me: There are three equipment kits, starting with Axis at $995. This kit includes dumbbells, a kettlebell, sandbag, jump rope, plyo box, and some smaller accessories.

  • The tiers continue with the Fly kit ($1,395), adding a pull-up bar and gymnastic rings to the existing Axis kit.
  • The third and final tier is the Power kit ($1,995). This package includes Axis and Fly but also adds a barbell and bumper plates. The purchase of any kit includes two free months of the subscription.
  • Atom will also feature a fourth tier that helps people constantly on the go. This side program will be dumbbells and jump rope only, which will benefit users on the go and in hotels. 

Early adopters can secure some significant discounts for both the equipment packages and the app subscription. Early adopters can secure limited-time founder pricing (25% savings) as low as $63/mo for 12 months at 0% APR.

  • Under this founder pricing structure, the Axis Kit is $749, the Fly Kit is $995, and the Power Kit is $1499. 
  • There is also a $29/mo all-access, no-commitment Atom membership that includes the Atomic daily training program, digital classes, and global leaderboard.

New users could have questions about which kit to purchase. RPM Training Co. has a solution. The Atom app has a series of questions that work as an onboarding process. They start simple by focusing on workout experience before adding in questions about olympic lifts. 

  • The onboarding process also features a simple capacity test. Users do one minute of push-ups and one minute of squats with one minute of rest.  
  • The opening questionnaire will not go fully in-depth if the answers don’t lead in that direction. If the user has less knowledge of strength training, there won’t be a question about a max bench press. 

Once the questionnaire is complete, the Atom app will recommend one of the three kits. The equipment is only currently available in package form instead of individually, but RPM guarantees that the pricing will turn some heads. 

Josh Rogers, RPM co-founder: “I think that what’s gonna surprise a lot of the people that are really sort of endemic and entrenched in the space is they’re used to seeing pricing based on poundage. That’s really, when you think about it, that’s a manufacturing driven phenomenon, right? It just costs more to manufacture the heavier pieces.”

  • “For us, one of our main goals of Atom is to take the complexity out of functional training and strength conditioning in general. The pricing is going to be disruptive in a way that everyone is going to be getting a fair price and a really good deal. But what we’re not going to do is like penalize the stronger person for the heavier weights. We’re going to level it out.” 

New Atom members that purchase a kit or sign up for the programming will gain immediate access to the full Daily Training (DT) library. New workouts will be posted each weekday inside the Atom platform. These scalable workouts will automatically adjust for the  athlete’s kit and current fitness or skill level.

A work in progress: RPM unveiled Atom in July but did not make it available to the public until November. The company spent these months running a beta test and giving a select few access to the app and Pat Barber’s programming. RPM also held a special week of workouts at the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games, providing people with a multitude of opportunities to see Atom in action at the campground. 

  • “I think my biggest takeaway was how quickly people adapted to the Virtual Training model. We actually had Pat Barber, who’s our head coach, there on site,” Josh said. “So it’s kind of one of those weird things like, ‘Hey, I could coach you right now. But we’re gonna let virtual Pat coach you and we’ll see how it goes.’” 
  • “I cannot believe it. People also started to use it as their daily training,” Shane Rogers added. “We didn’t quite anticipate that either. So then we had to put in some rules to allow some new folks to go through. I think overall, we were really pleased with how many people showed up.”

Simple and easy: RPM’s developers took information from the test sessions at the CrossFit Games and focused on getting the app ready for November 15. Their efforts led to a streamlined experience that features instructional videos from Barber and guest athletes, and the ability to click between daily workouts at the click of a button. 

Bottom line: There are a multitude of at-home training options available for fitness enthusiasts. Tempo, Peloton, Street Parking, Mayhem Athlete, and several other options. However, RPM Training Co. is taking out the guesswork with Atom and providing customers with three simple options based on their experience level and available space. 

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