Unlocking Double-Unders: A Guide to the Best CrossFit Jump Ropes

May 16, 2022 by
a man holding several jump ropes and looking at them as if deciding which one to use
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In CrossFit, the jump rope, for many, represents double-unders. This seemingly simple—yet often maddeningly complex—movement is the type to make grown people weep and throw their ropes across the box. 

One of the most important steps in going from double-under blunder to double-under thunder is finding the best CrossFit jump rope. We’ve put together an expert guide to the ropes that will have you PRing Annie in no time. 

We Know CrossFit Jump Ropes

We assembled a team of long-time CrossFit athletes and certified CrossFit coaches to put more than 20 jump ropes (and, even a ropeless jump rope) through vigorous testing. In addition to the specific tests that we performed, we pulled from our collective CrossFit experience, customer reviews, and studied the specs of what makes a solid jump rope. 

The Best CrossFit Jump Ropes in 2022

Editor’s Choice: Rogue Fitness SR-2 Speed Rope 3.0

a woman holding a jump rope and showing the cable
Checking out the bearings and cable on Rogue SR series ropes
Credit: Nathan Hay/Garage Gym Reviews

Why CrossFitters will love this: This smooth, durable, high-speed bearing rope is easy to size and cut. Our tester hit a huge double-under PR and proclaimed that she would give it 10 out of 5 stars if she could. 


  • Thin, plastic-coated wire rope is smooth, responsive, fast, and protective
  • Lightweight aluminum handles with dense knurling provides nice grip
  • Handles offered in an array of colors


  • Adjusting rope length can be difficult because of tiny, hard-to-manage screws
  • Cable warps easily even under moderate use
  • Can produce painful welts if it makes contact with skin

This rope has an almost cult-like following, and it became clear why during our testing: After hitting a big double-under PR with this rope, our tester, certified CrossFit coach and personal trainer, Amanda Capritto, is a devotee. Double-under wizards will love that the Rogue Fitness SR-2 3.0 is responsive and consistent, which helps produce big, smooth cardio-intensive sets. 

Attention to details such as the knurled, lightweight aluminum handles (10% lighter than the previous model), the oiled swivel ball bearings, and the ultra thin, coated wire shine through as this rope cuts seamlessly through the air. The Rogue SR-2 3.0 rope is only offered with a 120-inch cable, but once you determine the length you need, a good pair of scissors will cut the adjustable rope (although wire cutters make it easier).

We recommend this rope for those who can already produce consistent sets of double-unders but want to further improve their skills. If you are not yet proficient with double-unders, this speedy rope could cause painful whip marks.

Runner-Up Best Overall CrossFit Jump Rope: RPM Comp4 Jump Rope

a woman holding a jump rope and showing the handles
RPM jump rope handles
Credit: Nathan Hay/Garage Gym Reviews

Why CrossFitters will love this: The RPM Comp4 Jump Rope is a durable, consistent, no-frills workhorse.


  • Aggressive full-length knurling on handles provide great grip 
  • Dual-bearing rotation system makes this a speedy rope
  • Handy video on how to cut and size the rope provided on RPM’s website


  • Small screws make set-up difficult
  • Reports of cable fraying and splintering after minimal use
  • Rope is bare cable and hurts if it makes contact with skin

RPM upgraded this iteration of their Comp rope with a dual-bearing system. That improvement took this rope from fast to Mat-Fraser-in-the-2016-CrossFit-Games-Suicide-Sprint-fast. Thanks to the grippy, aggressively knurled aluminum handles, you don’t have to worry about the Comp4 flying out of your hands during even the most intense double-under sessions. 

Due to the bare steel cable, we highly recommend that you are very proficient in double-unders before spending your cheddar on this rope: Cable-to-skin contact really hurts. The Comp4 comes standard with a 12-foot adjustable length cable that you’ll need to size and cut. You will need a hex wrench, which is included with your purchase, and wire cutters that you will need to provide. 

The main reason that the RPM Comp4 was our runner-up was because one of the ball bearings popped out during a testing session. We didn’t read any other reviews that reported this happening, but it is an issue we wanted to point out. Also, there are reports of this rope fraying, although we didn’t experience this problem. (RPM recommends that the bare cable rope only be used on non-abrasive flooring.)

Best CrossFit Jump Rope for Learning Double-Unders: Rx Smart Gear Buff 3.4 Beginner Cable

a woman holding a jump rope and showing the rope
Analyzing the Rx Smart Gear Buff 3.4 Beginner Cable
Credit: Nathan Hay/Garage Gym Reviews

Why CrossFitters will love this: You can dedicate your time to drilling home the fundamentals of double-unders thanks to the feedback and weight of this rope. 


  • Relatively heavy weight of the cable provides excellent feedback
  • Shape of handles reduces hand and arm fatigue
  • Plastic coating helps prevent welts 


  • High price tag for a beginner rope ($50-60, depending on customizations)
  • Reports of handles breaking off after minimal use
  • Can fray even if used on a smooth surface

Double-under confessional: I have hurled my jump rope across both my garage and my gym while colorfully blaming it for my double-under miscues. Although my lack of coordination wasn’t the rope’s fault, my woes did show me how important it is to use a rope that matches your skill level.

Fortunately, a coach let me borrow the rope she learned dubs on—the Rx Smart Gear Buff 3.4 Beginner Cable. While I still board the double-unders struggle bus from time to time, that rope definitely pumped up the amount of reps I could perform. 

When you are learning how to do double-unders, it’s essential to choose a rope that provides ample feedback. The relatively heavy (3.4 ounces per 9 feet) PVC-coated cable used for this rope gives feedback in spades. This allows beginners to jump at a slower cadence to nail down their timing.

Like all Rx Smart Gear jump ropes, the Buff 3.4 uses a multidirectional swivel bearing system that allows for easy control of the speeds, and the 6-inch-long handles, similar to those on tennis and racquetball racquets, keep your arms from fatiguing by allowing for a relaxed grip. 

Rx Smart Gear is not known for cheap prices and although the Buff 3.4 is less expensive than most of the others in the line-up, it still isn’t a bargain basement deal. Although the price may be a little hard to swallow for a beginner rope, we believe that the durability of this weighted jump rope will be appreciated during your learning process. 

Best Luxury CrossFit Jump Rope: Rx Smart Gear EVO G2 Speed Rope

several jump rope handles on a table in comparison
Testing jump ropes—EVO G2 handle in center
Credit: Nathan Hay/Garage Gym Reviews

Why CrossFitters will love this: This rope is fancy AF and highly customizable.


  • Comes secured in its own zippered case that includes a rope sleeve 
  • Diamond knurling provides near effortless grip
  • Rotation is so smooth that it may make you say “wow”


  • A price tag that may take your breath away
  • Warranty seems lacking considering the cost
  • Handles aren’t interchangeable with other cables

This is not your average skipping rope. the Rx Smart Gear EVO G2 is a jump rope so high-quality and luxurious that when you use it you may want to call the paparazzi on yourself. The handles are tricked out with diamond knurling, “pinch point” silhouettes, rubber traction bands, and a swivel bearing system. The rest of the rope is as customizable as a brand new Bentley. 

You can pick the weight of your rope cable depending on what level your double-under game is on. Our tester, who considers herself intermediate, chose the Elite 2.6, which offers a good blend of feedback and responsiveness. There are two speed cables that are lighter and intended for more advanced jumpers, plus several others that are for beginners or those looking to incorporate a heavier rope into their training. The Rx Smart Gear website has a page that describes each cable weight in detail. Additionally, you can choose from more than 20 cable heights and colors. 

Kate Meier, a CrossFit L-1 coach and former CrossFit affiliate owner, tested this rope and admitted to wanting to hate this rope because it comes in at a jaw-dropping $150+ price tag. But, she fessed up to saying, “Wowwww!” the first time she took it for a spin. Considering all that it has to offer, we think that it earns its next-level reputation. 

Best Budget CrossFit Jump Rope: WOD Nation Double-Under Speed Jump Rope

a man and woman doing double-unders in a gym
Product testers using jump ropes for double-unders
Credit: Nathan Hay/Garage Gym Reviews

Why CrossFitters will love this: You can get a durable, reliable rope for less than $20.


  • Comes with a replacement cable 
  • Keeps shape even if not handled delicately
  • Incredible bargain, especially considering that you get two cables


  • Need wire cutters to cut to size
  • Handles can become loose 
  • Reports of rope fraying 

For around the same price as sixer of FitAids, you can get the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope, a durable and tried-and-true CrossFit jump rope. In fact, this is the rope that our tester and longtime CrossFitter, Kate, has used for five years—and she loves, loves, LOVES it. 

It comes standard with a 10-foot-long, plastic-coated cable rope that will have to be sized and cut to your height specifications. You will need wire cutters to get through the cable. This rope also comes with a spare in case you love the first one to death. Yep, for less than $20, you get two super-thin, crazy-fast cables that come in a variety of colors, a carrying tote, and free shipping with Amazon prime.

The 6.75-inch handles are no-frills plastic with an articulating swivel bearing. Kate stated that she has never had an issue with cracking or breaking and she admits to not being exactly delicate with it: She throws it in her car, bag, and on occasion, across the room during a double-under tantrum. 

If you don’t use a screwdriver to tighten the nuts that hold the rope in place can become loose. Also, if you go rogue and use this rope on concrete or other rough surfaces, the plastic coating will wear out quickly. However, if you keep it in your garage or local box, this rope will provide years of HIIT.  

Best CrossFit Jump Rope for Improving Double-Under Endurance: Rogue PRO Jump Rope

Why CrossFitters will love this: This rope provides an interesting and intense workout that will test your stamina, and then there are those oh-so-thiccc rope handles. 


  • Heavy-duty durability 
  • Stainless steel handles will endure outdoor elements well
  • Smooth rotation for a weighted rope
  • Will quickly improve your double-under endurance


  • Weight takes some time to get used to
  • Handle diameter may be tough to get used to for those with smaller hands
  • Hefty price tag (about $150) for what is basically an accessory piece

Rogue markets their PRO Jump Rope as a weighted rope, but we think that is a bit of a misnomer because the cable isn’t actually that hefty when compared to other heavy ropes. Nope, this rope packs on the pounds with heavy-duty handles that will increase your double-under stamina very quickly. 

Ranging from 95 inches to 115 inches, the plastic-coated cable is offered in five sizes. Our tester and CrossFit enthusiast, Amanda, is 5-feet 6-inches tall and went with the 105-inch rope because the size chart states that it fits heights from 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 9 inches. She stated that it felt a little long and took her a little bit to adjust her jumping cadence accordingly. However, she did enjoy that the 360-degree swivel allowed for a smooth rotation once she got the rhythm down. The durable stainless steel handles are cylindrical and have nice knurling everywhere but the slightly tapered base. 

The 25-millimeter diameter handles (the same thickness as a women’s 15-kilogram barbell) could be problematic for some users, especially those with smaller hands. In addition, plunking down nearly $150 for this rope may take your breath away, but it’ll be worth it when you can bust out sets of 100 dubs thanks to your improved stamina. 

a woman holding a jump rope and showing the rope
Thicker, heavier ropes create more drag and help increase stamina
Credit: Nathan Hay/Garage Gym Reviews

Other Great CrossFit Jump Ropes

We’ve included a few other CrossFit jump ropes that you may want to check out. While these did not make the final cut, they are still worthy of consideration.

Rogue Froning SR-1F Speed Rope

This is a budget-friendly, adjustable speed rope that carries the name of someone who knows a little something about CrossFit. The latest version of this rope includes lighter, textured grips, aluminum heads and high-speed bearings that produce consistently smooth revolutions.

Rx Smart Gear Drag Rope

If you’re in the market for a good old-fashioned butt kicking, look no further than the bare bones RX Smart Gear Drag Rope. It is simply a thick rope with handles. There are no bushings or ball bearing systems to help you rotate—it’s all up to you. 

a woman holding a jump rope and showing the handles
Rogue SR-1F speed rope handles
Credit: Nathan Hay/Garage Gym Reviews

RPM Session4 Jump Rope

Like a Swiss Army Knife, the RPM Session4 is a strong, versatile rope that is great for practice, workouts, competitions and travel. The dual bearing system provides a smooth spin, while the knurled handles keep this firmly and effortlessly in your grip.   

Rx Smart Gear Rotational Trainers

Although not technically a jump rope, these trainers help teach proper rotation. It also allows you to simulate double-unders without the worry of welting up your backside with a traditional jump rope. 

How We Chose the Best CrossFit Jump Ropes

We chose the best jump ropes by putting them through vigorous double-under workouts. Our testers are long-time CrossFit athletes and coaches of varying jump rope skill levels. In addition to testing them out for the explicit purpose of writing about them, several of us have used many of these ropes during our personal double-under journeys. 

During testing, we kept detailed records of our thoughts about and experiences with each rope. This included breakdowns of the handles, cable, rotation devices, packaging, sizing, packability, value, and the standout feature(s). Once that was complete, we scoured the reviews to make sure that we hadn’t missed anything that others either loved or loathed about our picks. 

a woman doing double unders
Working on double-unders
Credit: Nathan Hay/Garage Gym Reviews

The Importance of a Good CrossFit Jump Rope

We’ve established that double-unders can cause frustration, welts, tears, and an occasional hissy fit. You know, because it’s all the rope’s fault. Well, I’m going to let you in on a secret: It’s not the rope’s fault. But, having the right rope for your skill level definitely matters.

A heavier, slower rope is important when you’re learning the fundamentals as it will provide feedback and keep you from spinning too fast. Once you’re stringing dubs together consistently, you can explore other styles of rope. 

Weighted and drag ropes are beneficial in building your endurance, while speed ropes will be your best friend when you’re going for an intense cardio workout. It may seem silly that there is so much to consider for such a seemingly simple piece of equipment, but you’ll be thankful that you thought ahead. Whether you’re rocking out double-unders in your home gym, or during a CrossFit workout at your local box, trust us when we say a quality jump rope matters.  

How to Choose the Best CrossFit Jump Rope for You 

a woman holding a jump rope and showing the handles
RX Smart Gear jump rope handles
Credit: Nathan Hay/Garage Gym Reviews

Spin Control 

Choosing the thinnest, fastest rope that you can find may seem like a sure-fire way of becoming a double-under pro. However, like most components of functional fitness, until you have the fundamentals down, speed ropes can cause you to over-rotate. They also sting like a mad hornet. Double-unders often go off the tracks because we are going too fast, not too slow. A thicker cable will help you maintain control of your spin during your jump rope workouts. 

Don’t Get Kinky 

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you want to keep your rope kink- and tangle-free. If your rope doesn’t maintain an ergonomic u-shape when you hold it out, it will make it considerably harder to get a smooth spin. To keep your rope in shape, take care when you store it or pack it up. 

Size Matters 

The perfect jump rope size will vary from CrossFitter to CrossFitter. The simplest way to think about it is that the rope should barely touch the ground when it passes under your feet. You need to listen for two distinct clicks as these indicate that your rope is the right height. If you don’t hear these, your rope is most likely too short.  

Through Thick and Thin

When you first set off on your double-under quest, it is highly recommended that you use a heavier, thicker rope. This type of cable is easier to control, will provide important feedback and won’t leave you a bloody mess. As you progress from novice to expert, a thinner rope will have you knocking out fast unbroken sets.

Get a Grip 

When you’re doing double-unders, your hands are going to get sweaty. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you have handles that will provide a secure and easy grip. Pay attention to the shape, weight, and size, as well as if you prefer the textured feeling of knurling or the smoothness of plastic handles. 

Going the Distance 

CrossFit jump ropes need to be tough. They will be put through rigorous workouts and perhaps a fit of anger or two. It is always advisable to use your ropes on smooth, soft flooring, but if that is also not always possible, make sure you know how they will hold up if you take your rope “off-road”. 

The Price is Right 

If you have made it this far into this review, you know that there is a vast price range for jump ropes. It’s important to remember that when it comes to jump ropes, a cheap price doesn’t necessarily mean a cheap rope. 

FAQs About CrossFit Jump Ropes

a woman holding a jump rope and showing the cable
A coated speed rope cable
Credit: Nathan Hay/Garage Gym Reviews

Are CrossFit Jump Ropes worth it?

CrossFit jump ropes are worth it if you want to become proficient in double-unders, an often programmed skill movement. Firstly, the right CrossFit Jump rope will help you develop the fundamental skills needed for double-unders. Then, as you progress, you can trade out your rope for one that will enhance your abilities. 

What jump rope should I get for CrossFit?

Factors such as an athlete’s skill level, as well as the size, speed, durability, price, and personal preferences should be factored into your decision on what rope you should get for CrossFit. Our guide represents the best of the best across several categories. The  Rogue Fitness SR-2 3.0 Jump Rope leads the way as our top pick thanks to its attention to the details that make big differences when it comes to double-unders. 

What kind of jump rope does Mat Fraser use?

Five-time CrossFit Games champion, Mat Fraser, may be retired, but you can still use the Rogue Fitness Fraser Edition SR-2S Speed Rope. This is a special edition of the SR-2S that was inspired by Rogue athlete, Fraser. The handles have Fraser’s motto, HWPO (“Hard Work Pays Off”), etched into them. It is similar to the Rogue SR-2 3.0 with the main difference being the length of the handles. The Fraser edition has 5.25-inch handles while SR-2 Speed Rope 3.0 comes standard with 6.75-inch handles. 

How long should my jump rope be for CrossFit?

Your jump rope size largely depends on your height. A good indication that your rope is the right length is that it barely touches the ground when it passes under your feet. You will also want to listen for two distinct clicks when jumping. If you hear these, your rope is the correct length for your height. 

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