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What’s New for the 2022 CrossFit Open

January 30, 2022 by
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This past Friday, CrossFit Home Office sent out the latest iteration of The Hopper which included three key new details about the 2022 CrossFit Open.

Three ways (one of them new) to submit scores:

  1. Complete the workout at an Affiliate and have the affiliate manager validate your score.
  2. Record your workout and upload a video submission along with your score.
  3. NEW: “Complete your workout under the direct, in-person observation of a registered judge*”.

*A registered judge is someone who has completed the 2022 Online Judges Course.

CrossFit explains that this change allows for more accessibility for anyone who would want to do the Open, whether they’re in their home gym, at an unaffiliated establishment like a school, work club, or unaffiliated non-profit group. And lastly, prevents Open participants from having to navigate how to workout at their gym if it’s closed due to any kind of restrictions. 

Score Visibility 

As soon as you submit a score during the Open it will be visible on the worldwide leaderboard. Yes, that means before the affiliate manager validates it. However, after the affiliate manager score validation deadline (Wednesday at 5 p.m. PST)  any unvalidated scores will be removed. 

Note: the score submission deadline is still Monday at 5 p.m. PST. Scores submitted after that deadline for any reason will not be accepted. 

  • A note to Affiliate Managers: This new wrinkle makes the potential to forget to validate a little more likely as members of your gym will see their scores on the leaderboard immediately. We advise you to set reminders for yourself to make sure those scores aren’t retroactively removed should you forget to validate them. 

Team Names

As the focus of the team competition returns to the Affiliate Cup model (following the deviation from that model during the Sanctional seasons), the way team names are listed on the leaderboard will be slightly different:

  • “Each team will have their affiliate listed first, then any descriptor second — for example, CrossFit ABC: Heavy Hitters,” is how it’s explained in The Hopper

Some teams around the world have already alerted their followers of this: the Kolesnikov Team in Russia for example made a recent post explaining their name this year will appear as KT CrossFit based on their gym’s name in Moscow. 

It is unclear if familiar names like CrossFit Mayhem Freedom will be forced to include a colon in their name. CrossFit Mayhem: Freedom, while it reads the same, just doesn’t look quite as clean. 

The big picture:  CrossFit Home Office is making an effort to communicate changes and nuances that will be relevant for those participating in the CrossFit Games season this year in ways they have not always previously done. Along with that communication comes the responsibility of the community to pay attention and adhere to it. As more announcements and changes are announced we’ll be sure to keep you up to speed as well. 


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