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Breaking Down the Perfect Performances by Mayhem Freedom, Reykjavik and Oslo Navy Blue

June 12, 2022 by
Photo Credit: Instagram @jaegerkim via CrossFit Strength in Depth
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All four weeks of Semifinals have come and gone, and impressively there were three teams who went a perfect six for six at their respective competitions. CrossFit Mayhem Freedom and CrossFit Reykjavik did so at the Syndicate Crown and the Lowlands Throwdown in week one. And in the final week, CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue accomplished the same feat.

Here’s a snapshot of just how dominant each team was at their Semi:

EventCF Mayhem FreedomEventCF ReykjavikEventCF Oslo Navy Blue
Lift935 lbsLift955.5 lbsLift910 lbs
E13 rep winE1:08 winE10:50 win
E21:00 winE25 rep winE20:50 win
E31:36 winE31:03 winE31:32 win
E4only team to finishE4only team to finishE4:14 win

CrossFit’s Workouts:

Although they were done at various times throughout the weekend, all three teams completed these three workouts, so there is an opportunity to assess their performance against each other. 

Reykjavik goes two for two on these, having not only the best time and load lifted against these two rival teams, but they actually hold down the top scores in both of those events worldwide. 

Oslo’s 11:16 and Mayhem’s 11:20 are the second and third best times in the world (note Atlas Games teams have not done this one yet). 

For the lifting, Mayhem’s total places them third worldwide. Oslo’s 910 pound total puts them in a tie for 9th with a few other teams.

Semifinal Specific Events:

Of course these other four events are not directly comparable, but looking at how dominant each team was despite that is a bit telling. 

  • In two instances, the workouts came down to reps, not time, and in both instances (Mayhem and Reykjavik) still put the necessary separation between themselves and the rest of the field. 
  • In two instances, again Mayhem and Reykjavik, were the only two teams at their Semifinal to even finish one of the events (it happened to be the final in both cases too). 
    • Some event programmers design events like that so that only the best teams can finish, so it isn’t a surprise to see not just the best Semifinal teams, but the expected best Games teams to do just that.
  • The remaining workouts were all decided by time, and of the remaining eight workouts, these teams beat the next closest team by :50 or more six out of eight times.
  • The two “close” workouts (one by Reykjavik and one by Oslo) are also an important feature for teams vying for podium spots, you have to be able to win close races when they pop up, and again that ability was demonstrated by these teams.

The big picture: Mayhem Freedom is of course the defending champion and team to beat. Oslo is the reigning second fittest team and have bolstered their roster this season. Reykjavik is the new team on the block that everyone has been talking about. All three teams did as much as could possibly be done sweeping their Semifinal. Next step at the Games, and let’s hope that all three teams show up ready to battle on the stage that matters most.

Team Members:

CrossFit Mayhem Freedom

  • Andrea Nisler
  • Taylor Williamson
  • Rich Froning Jr.
  • Samuel Cournoyer

CrossFit Reykjavik

  • Annie Thorisdottir
  • Lauren Fisher
  • Khan Porter
  • Tola Morakinyo

CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue

  • Ingrid Hodnemyr
  • Lena Richter
  • Eivind Dahl Ringard
  • Nicolay Billaudel

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