WODProof Tackles Rowing Efficiency With Launch of AI Rowing Coach

September 1, 2022 by
Photo Credit: WODProof
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You may have seen some CrossFit athletes posting videos of themselves rowing with the help of an AI coach. This is the latest update to the WODProof app made possible by the Bionic Mobility Experience. 

Remind me: Back in January 2022, WODProof unveiled a new feature for Pro members – WODProof Bionic. This feature used the phone camera to track and analyzed movement in real-time with the goal of providing unique mobility plans for each user. 

  • The first version of Bionic recognized each joint and compared the positions to a Gold Standard, which WODProof based on CrossFit Games competitor Thuri Helgadottir.
  • This update was only a step in WODProof founder Adam Grinker’s quest to make the app a “super-premium product” that would help athletes become even better than ever before. 
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How it works: The Bionic Rowing Coach uses the camera to track the joints as athletes move back and forth. The new app compares the movements to the Gold Standard created in collaboration with Anna Mühle, a certified Concept2 coach and a multiple indoor rowing World Record holder.

  • The Bionic Rowing Coach provides real-time feedback with audio cues that can help athletes and fitness enthusiasts make adjustments on the fly. There is also a video recording that provides visual feedback. 
  • CrossFitters can select one of three rowing technique levels (beginner, advanced, and expert). They will take part in a test that analyzes them over the course of 25 strokes. There will be feedback about common mistakes, such as bending arms too early or not leaning back to the optimal depth. 

The initial rowing test is simply the first step in the process of becoming a more efficient rower. Once this test is complete, there is the option to take part in a WODProof rowing program or focus on daily technique sessions. If necessary, there are also tutorials recorded by Mühle that address how to fix the mistakes. 

Why this matters: Rowing has been an integral part of CrossFit for years, but it is a form of exercise that has become critical for people all around the world. Athletes in different sports use rowing to warm up or test themselves, but there are many that struggle with longer distances. 

  • Fixing common mistakes in the rowing technique will only make these people more efficient as they train on the rower. They will use less energy and will potentially avoid muscle strain while in the midst of difficult workouts.  
  • The move to an AI-based platform removes the subjectivity that is prevalent when asking a group of rowing experts for guidance. Instead, there is one Gold Standard that the Bionic Rowing Coach uses to correct form. 

Breaking ground: WODProof started out as a tool for CrossFit community members to record their Open workouts, but the app has continued to grow over the years. The WODProof coins opened up opportunities for athletes to save money on their favorite gear simply by working out and then the Bionic tool added the ability to improve mobility. 

  • The Bionic Rowing Coach continues this trend and addresses a common problem area for CrossFitters, regardless of their respective skill levels. Now they can focus on becoming even more efficient whether they are doing active recovery or trying to complete a marathon row. 
  • WODProof is not yet done. Since being acquired by Tel Aviv-based tech company, Sency, WODProof has been able to focus on other improvements they can make to the app. There is another Bionic update on the way, which WODProof guarantees will “surprise” the CrossFit community. 

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