Review of the Week: Reebok NanoX3

April 27, 2023 by
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I have been on the ten year journey with Reebok Nanos since my first pair of custom hot pink Nano 2.0’s back in 2013 during my first year of CrossFit (back when my dream was to do one double-under). Nanos have been a part of CrossFit history, and we can all think back to when we tried our first pair. 

We’ve seen the Reebok Nanos, and now we have evolved to the Reebok NanoX editions. The shoes have changed and evolved, the same way our sport has changed and evolved. 

But enough backstory, let’s get into it. I’ve been training in the Reebok NanoX3’s for the past month, and here are my takeaways. 

Light and agile: I am not what we would refer to as a “gentle box jumper”, but these shoes make me feel like I could be. They are super light-weight, but not so much so that I feel like I’ll roll my ankle. I’d say they are light but sturdy. 

Great for rope climbing: I’ve worn CrossFit shoes in the past that have been challenging to rope climb in, due to the lack of grooves on the side of the shoe to grip the rope. These ones help me create a great grip on the rope so I feel confident my feet will stay locked.

Heel support: During lifts, I felt sturdy and had the heel support I needed for squats. I didn’t feel the need to put lifters on instead of the X3’s, unless I’m doing straight Olympic lifts.   

Running: Wow has Reebok improved the ability to go straight from lifting to running in WODs with the X3. Nothing is worse than having a high volume running workout and feeling like you need to change into running shoes, but the new Lift and Run Chassis System they developed for these makes it feel like you’re wearing running shoes. I plan on doing Murph in my NanoX3’s this year, and running is not my forte so that’s how you know I like them. 

The bottom line: The Nano X3 is by far my favorite pair on Nanos since my hot pink Nano 2.0s. I can comfortably wear them when I lift, box jump, rope climb, and run without worrying. I have been training in these for a month and have no intention of stopping. Well done Reebok.  

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