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Day One at the Torian Pro Proves the Final Games Ticket Is Gonna Be A Fight to the Finish for Oceania’s Men

May 26, 2023 by and
Photo Credit: Instagram @zacthomas18
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Yesterday, the Tanks of Torian Pro took on Tests 1 and 2 at the Oceania Semifinal. In one word, the men’s standings going into the second day are: Surprising. 

The details: With 184 points, Zac Thomas is wearing the metaphorical leader’s jersey and red drawers after Day 1 Down Under. The athlete — who came in 29th at Torian Pro last year and has not been to the Games — was not a favorite coming into the weekend. 

  • After winning Test 1 by a significant 15 seconds and placing 5th in the tricep and shoulder burner, Thomas is proving 2023 may be the year he makes waves. 

Currently sitting in second place, Jay Crouch had what would best be called a Justin Medeiros Day. As it goes, the last two years the Fittest Man On Earth has maintained dominance despite rarely winning tests, proving that consistency is, indeed, the key to CrossFit dominance. After a 3rd and 4th place finish on Day 1, Crouch is currently sitting in 2nd place. 

  • With 180 points, Crouch is within spitting distance of Thomas. 

While just 4 points separate Thomas and Crouch, the next best athlete, Reilly Smith sits 32 points back from Crouch with 148 points. And, just 13 points separate the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th place finishers. 

Oceania has been allocated just three Games spots per division, and if Day 1 is any indication, it appears it’s going to be a fight-to-the-finish for that third place slot. 

Overall Standings After Day 1: 

  1. Zac Thomas: 184 points
  2. Jay Crouch: 180 points
  3. Reilly Smith: 148 points
  4. Bayley Martin: 142 points
  5. William Kearney: 140 points
  6. Jake Douglas: 136 points
  7. Peter Ellis: 135 points
  8. Zane Shellabear-Healey: 132 points
  9. James Newbury: 121 points
  10. Luke McMahon: 120 points

Test 1 

During Test 1, Jayson Hopper’s 22:18 top score was smashed by the quick-moving sleds in Brisbane. Both Zac Thomas and Zane Shellabear-Healey beat the HWPO athlete’s time by 27 and 12 seconds, respectively. 

Jay Crouch, James Newbury, and Reilly Smith come in third, fourth, and fifth during this lengthy test. 

Though it’s hard to compare floor resistance competition by competition, overall, these Oceania athletes were moving and grooving, whether they were yanking sleds or transitioning between stations.  

Test 1 Standings:

  1. Zac Thomas: 21:51.06
  2. Zane Shellabear-Healey: 22:06.42
  3. Jay Crouch: 22:31.77
  4. James Newbury: 23:01.69
  5. Reilly Smith: 23:06.59
  6. Rob Watt: 23.11.37
  7. James Thomas: 23:34.92
  8. William Kearney: 23.34.29
  9. Matt Gilpin: 23:43.84
  10. Luke McMahon: 23:45.02

Test 2 

Test 2 finished with three athletes who placed outside of the top 10 during Test 1 at the top: Bayley Martin, Peter Ellis, and Riley Martin. 

After his 16th place finish on Test 1, a test win was exactly the boost that bubble-athlete Martin needed to stay within striking distance of those three qualifying Games spots.

In fourth place for Test 2, with 42 burpee reps is Games shoo-in, Jay Crouch. Actually, Crouch was looking like he was going to win the test until a costly ring dip no-rep during the third and final interval set him back. 

Notably, the top women’s score on Test 2 absolutely demolished the top man’s score. Women’s test winner, Jamie Simmonds, logged 55 burpee box jumps overs on the test. 

Test 2 Standings:

  1. Bayley Martin: 49
  2. Peter Ellis: 46
  3. Riley Martin: 43
  4. Jay Crouch: 42
  5. Zac Thomas: 39
  6. Jake Douglas: 39
  7. Andrew Sambell: 37
  8. Darcy Hancock: 33
  9. William Kearney: 33
  10. Reilly Smith: 31

Athletes in the vault: CrossFit community staple and, James Newbury, currently sits a manageable 27 points outside of a qualifying position. Decked out in khaki shorts, vans, and a backward hat, Newsbury hit Test 1 looking like he was headed to a BBQ with bestie Khan Porter. But if there’s anything the Aussie has taught us it’s: look good, feel good, perform good. 

Former teen-division Games athletes Johan Roberts and Hiko O Te Rangi Curtis are both competing as individuals for the first time this weekend. Both are sitting in the bottom 10 after day 1. 

Missing in action: Absent from both the floor and leaderboard is four-times Games athlete Zeke Grove. At the time of publication, Grove has not yet taken to social media to explain his absence.

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