The Atlon App: The Latest Offering On The Market to Track Your Fitness

June 13, 2023 by
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Look, I’m a geek for data. Did it even happen if I don’t have my Apple watch on when I work out? Does it even count? I am constantly looking at my heart rate to see when I could have pushed harder, and do not even get me talking about tracking my sleep. All those numbers! So much to extrapolate. 

But as a CrossFitter, our fitness can be more multidimensional than other athletic pursuits. A runner just presses the same couple of buttons, and they are off – at the end of training, they have a simple data set. Same for bikers, swimmers, and many others. But we do so many things – one day we are doing a 5X5 deadlift followed by a 12-minute metcon, whereas the next day, we might have a one rep max clean followed by a 20-minute row. The possibilities are endless, and it becomes hard to track these moving parts separately. It would be nice to track weightlifting separately from endurance WODs. 

Let me introduce you to Atlon, the newest app for your smartphones and smartwatch.

What Makes Atlon Different

Starting from your wrist, Atlon can capture every detail from your workout, from your number of sets to the movement, to the weight. Once you finish your training, you can use your phone to delve into the analytics. The app has six settings that you can choose between.

  1. Open Goal – use this when you don’t have a planned workout in mind. Atlon will determine which workouts you are doing, the reps, the rest time, and your heart rate. After you finish, you can always go back and edit if the app got anything wrong.
  2. Strength – if you are doing a weight training session, you can set your target weight and just start moving. Adjusting your weights mid-session is fine – the app will detect it, and you will not have to pause the workout.
  3. AMRAP– you can set your desired timeframe and then complete as many rounds or repetitions as possible.
  4. Rounds – you can set the number of rounds and the time cap – none, if you want. The watch will vibrate to let you know when you’re about to end each round.
  5. EMOM – you set your time and the number of rounds for EMOM. Atlon also allows you to enable multiple stations in the workout planner.
  6. Intervals – you can manually set your work time, rest time, and the number of rounds for intervals. The app shows you the total time required for the workout before you jump in.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

The best thing about Atlon are the reports you can view, which are a great way to track your general progression as a functional fitness athlete. You can keep track of your fitness level, and at the same time, Atlon provides critical statistics and breaks down your workouts into trends. You can analyze your effort and consistency with training to help you find the most significant gains while still training smart and staying injury free.

The app lets you view the total amount of reps, every calorie burned, and each heartbeat during your workouts for each session and the entire month. You also get to look at a breakdown of training days and calories burned. Being able to see where you had more and less success lets you use the data to properly distribute your training and spend more time in areas you are more deficient. 

When you are looking at your daily and monthly reports, you will notice that Atlon offers multiple ways to view and digest your data.

  • Training variety – you can get an overview of how you are distributing your training and find out where you’re solid and where to improve.
  • Focus areas – the focus areas option shows training volume across workouts with a comparison to your monthly average.
  • Rounds – you can see how fast your rounds were and compare them to see when to push or rest when you train again.
  • Track your progress – the progress for each exercise is detailed and viewable, and you are able to view the ranges for consistency and rep speed over time.

Dependable and Accurate

You can also plan and schedule your next training session with Atlon’s advanced workout builder. You can build workouts in the app and then start them directly from your watch when you get to the gym. You can create a custom workout for any level of fitness, or if you want something already programmed, Atlon has existing benchmarks available.  

Accuracy-wise, Atlon is incredibly dependable, and the cherry on top is that Atlon is integrated with Health on your Apple watch, so if you like all your data in one place, no problem! All those workouts will be integrated easily into your existing fitness data and help close your daily activity rings and reach your preset Health goals!Check out Atlon in the Apple App Store, and download it for free!

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