I Got Organized with a Haven Athletic Bag

July 11, 2023 by
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Does your gym bag smell like hot garbage? Yeah, mine did too. It’s so easy to throw all of your sweaty stuff into your gym bag and keep it in one smelly location without thinking about it until the next time you go to put on stinky wrist wraps or your still wet grips (sorry for the visual). My bag was a stinky disorganized blob that I fished through daily to find that one stray knee sleeve. 

Enter Haven Athletic: they’re on a mission to help their customers avoid gym bag chaos and provide organization for your workout gear. I got my hands on a duffel and a backpack and have been using them for a month now, and here are my key takeaways. 

Type-A humans: rejoice. I am normally an organized person, but somehow I let my gym bag be an absolute mess. This would cause me to take extra time fishing through my bag to find my gear during classes, which then gave me less time to gear up. With Haven, I was able to go into the organized compartments and immediately locate what I needed. 

The different pockets make it easy to feel like everything has a place. I keep my lifters in the larger pockets and my smaller things like thumb tape and grips in the shallow pockets. My jump rope goes in the top zipper compartment. Now I never wonder if I have all the things I need, I know they all have a place. No more wasting my time or stressing if I forgot my grips for a rig-heavy workout. 

Shoe garage means no more stench. Keeping your shoes separate is a genius idea, because realistically that’s where 99% of the smell comes from. Haven duffels have a separated and ventilated shoe compartment for you to stick a pair in. This eliminated the smell from my gym bag entirely, and helped my shoes dry out faster. There is also a mesh side pocket for wet, sweaty or dirty things to air out. This bag is on a legit mission to not let you stink. 

The bag isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it. You get what you pay for. If you buy a $25 gym bag, you will get a $25 gym bag that you will have to replace in a year due to the smell and the wear and tear. Haven has a 5-year warranty on their premium gym bags that will LAST. I take comfort in the fact that I’m set for the next five years with my bag. 

They make for great travel bags. I went away for work (aka the Northeast Semifinals) and I kept all of my clothes and toiletries organized with the separated compartments, and a pair of shoes in the shoe garage. The backpack also has a great laptop sleeve for those who travel for work and need an organized carry on. 

The bottom line:Haven’s bags are worth the investment. It will last, it will help you stay organized and your bag won’t stink up the gym. Plus you’ll get all the compliments, I know I have.

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