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Momentous Partners with Invictus for the 2023 Games

July 18, 2023 by
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Supplement and health solution innovator, Momentous, is sponsoring Invictus athletes for the 2023 CrossFit Games by providing full financial support, including travel and accommodations for all 12 athletes. 

One big thing: This partnership is significant for all the Invictus athletes, but for none more so than rookies Tyler Saderback, Sean Early and Kelsey Shulte. 

The three have found a home and family with Invictus and with that has come massive support from the gym, coaches, and community. The gym quite literally opened its doors to the young competitors, as Shulte and Saderback are roommates, living with owner C.J. Martin’s mother, “Mama Karen.” And now with Momentous added into the fold, the three are all the more supported as they live out their dreams of making it to the Games. 

On top of Momentous sponsoring the three as they travel to and compete in Madison, they will also be signing athlete agreements with the company. 

Team member of Invictus Unconquerable, college baseball player Tyler Saderback, moved to San Diego and joined Invictus in October of 2022, and has since put his career aspirations of becoming a firefighter on hold as he pursues CrossFit full time, amidst financial stress. 

  • “I’m still getting to know the sport, still getting to know myself. I haven’t been a part of CrossFit for too long and I’m excited for what the future holds to challenge myself and be with these guys,” said Saderback. 

Currently on terminal leave, Sean Early has mere days left  before he is honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy, at the end of July. As a team member of Invictus Sea of Green, he has recently shifted his life to that of a full-time athlete.

  • “Life has a way of figuring things out for you sometimes,” shared Early. On ending his time of service in the Navy, Early said “I’m very ready to close that chapter of my life but… it was an experience…and I grew and developed along the way.” 

Boise State University student Kelsey Shulte traveled to San Diego from Boise, Idaho last year, to complete the Open with the Invictus crew. Upon finishing the Open, she chose to stay and has since made her home in California, finishing school virtually.

This newly formed relationship is one built on mutual goals and respect. Martin expressed his feelings on this new step forward with Momentous. 

  • “We need our athletes to have the full spectrum of support to ensure that they can optimize their potential. Momentous has taken a similar approach in prioritizing excellence and quality above all. Their products provide the nutritional and recovery support our athletes need to be at their best. Knowing that they’re working with the best in the industry gives our athletes confidence that they’ve left no stone unturned when they walk onto the competition floor,” said Martin.

The big picture: From protein to creatine, collagen to hydration, Momentous is a producer of products meant to optimize one’s lifestyle and reach peak performance level. Backed by Dr. Huberman and Dr. Kelly Starrett, Momentous has ties to nearly 200 professional and collegiate sports programs in the country, the U.S. Military and professional athletes from a wide array of disciplines. 

Jeff Byers, CEO of Momentous, shared his thoughts about partnering with Invictus. 

  • “At Momentous, we’re on a mission to democratize high performance, and Invictus is on a mission to democratize the opportunity to compete. If you work hard and earn a spot at the CrossFit Games, nothing should stand in the way of being able to participate. To have the opportunity to bring members of their gym into the family as Momentous Athletes is a really proud moment for us. We’re excited to work with and support them on their journey,” said Byers. 

The bottom line: The three athletes feel tremendous gratitude and excitement for this new sponsorship. They expressed how at ease they felt training for the Games with someone so huge in their corner, backing them along the way. They agreed that this partnership, for them, has been a life-changer and they’re honored to represent Momentous in Madison and beyond. 

  • “We’re super thankful…we’re so grateful, there are so many other places they could have gone. Invictus is a family, the group is close-knit. We’re not an athlete factory. (We) have all the resources available, to have Momentous included in this family unit,” said Shulte. 
  • “Supplements are expensive and the space can be hard to approach, to have them reach out… was amazing. Talk about blessings: they’re putting their faith in us and they trust us,” said Saderback. “They put their belief in me, and just like Invictus, we back them, they back us, we’re all about loyalty, we want to take them all the way to the Games.”

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