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Jeffrey Adler is in the Hunt for a Comeback Title After Moving Day

August 5, 2023 by
Photo Credit: Ava Kitzi
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Moving day kicked off with a benchmark that’s been programmed over 100 times on mainsite…the 5K run. After two days of punishing tests, 19 men were able to run 5K’s in under 20 minutes. 

A couple of hours later, the individuals took on sprint intervals featuring box jump-overs, rowing and burpee box jump-overs before finishing the day with a max snatch and clean and jerk. 

The story on the men’s side has been all about Roman Khrennikov for the first two days of competition, but it looks like we’re going to see a fight for the top of the podium on Sunday. Jeffrey Adler started the day 100 points behind Khrennikov, but continued the momentum from his Friday night victory in “Helena” with an incredible showing on Saturday. 

Jeffrey Adler looked poised to win his second straight test in the “Cross-Country 5K,” but rookie Jelle Hoste overtook Adler near the 15 minute mark to win, grabbing the first victory of his career. Adler’s second place finish in the test was essential to his comeback, as Roman Khrennikov took another top five performance, finishing right behind Adler in third. 

Mental errors in “Intervals” cost Khrennikov his top 10 streak. It appeared that Khrennikov and his judge had miscommunication during the first set of box jump-overs when Khrennikov was visibly startled after being told to complete one more rep. Shortly after, Khrennikov skipped his box jump-overs and went straight to the rower, costing him 10 seconds in the second round of his first interval. 

  • Jeffrey Adler cut the overall lead to 59 points after his seventh place in “Intervals.” Adler’s consistency has helped him slowly chip away at Khrennikov’s lead, as he hasn’t had a finish outside the top 10 since Thursday’s “Inverted Medley.” 
  • Patrick Vellner was in a league of his own during “Intervals” and appeared to be relaxed and comfortable while his fellow competitors were redlining. This was the seventh test win of Vellner’s career, helping him to move up to fourth place overall before the final test of the day. 

Jeffrey Adler cut Khrennikov’s lead to just 14 points heading into Sunday, after a fourth place finish in Test 9: Olympic Total. Following a tough 17th place in Test 8: Intervals, Khrennikov continued to leave the door open for Adler with a 16th place finish in the Olympic Total. 

  • Jeffrey Adler managed to make up 86 points in three tests after trailing Roman Khrennikov by 100 points at the start of the day. 
  • Jack Farlow hit an incredible 396 pound clean and jerk in the “Olympic Total,” setting a new CrossFit live competition record and winning the first test of his career. 

The programming on Sunday at the CrossFit Games is always a mystery, with tests often being released just minutes before start time. After nine tests and an incredible comeback, does Jeffrey Adler have what it takes to stand at the top of the men’s podium on Sunday?

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