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CrossFit Games

Apr 17, 2020 by

Mid-Atlantic, German Sanctionals Cancel Totaling Six

Following quickly on the heels of indefinite postponements by the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown and the Atlas Games

CrossFit Games

Apr 12, 2020 by

The CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown Cancels Bringing Tally to Three

On Saturday, the CrossFit Lowlands Throwdown officially canceled its final event for 2020, making it the third

CrossFit Games

Mar 31, 2020 by

International Online Qualifier 2 Postponed, No New Date Announced

On Monday night, the Loud and Live team sent out an email to athletes who registered for the International Online

CrossFit Games

Mar 29, 2020 by

The CrossFit French Throwdown Postponed until 2021

On Sunday morning, the CrossFit French Throwdown announced on Instagram that “it would not be reasonable to keep

CrossFit Games

Mar 26, 2020 by

The Granite Games is the Latest Sanctional to Postpone

On Wednesday evening, the Granite Games announced on Instagram that “in light of the current global situation,


Mar 18, 2020 by

A Comprehensive Guide to (Mostly) Free At-Home Workout Programs

While CrossFit gyms across the world are closing their doors, gym owners, athletes and programmers are offering

CrossFit Games

Mar 15, 2020 by

Update: 2020 CrossFit Sanctional Season Schedule

Now that we have had some time to breathe and take stock of what the Sanctional season looks like in the aftermath of

CrossFit Games

Mar 13, 2020 by

Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge Postponed, Now June 26-28

Following two days of Sanctional postponements, including the last-minute call made yesterday afternoon at the Atlas

CrossFit Games

Mar 13, 2020 by

CrossFit German Throwdown Rescheduled, Now July 18-19

On Wednesday, March 11, CrossFit German Throwdown director Benedict Gebhardt announced that the Sanctional would be

CrossFit Games

Mar 11, 2020 by

CrossFit German Throwdown Postponed due to Coronavirus

CrossFit German Throwdown director Benedict Gebhardt today announced that the German Sanctional will be postponed as


Mar 9, 2020 by

Community Rallies around CrossFit Hermitage

In the early morning hours of March 3, a series of tornadoes tore across middle Tennessee leaving a trail of


Mar 3, 2020 by

Tornado Rips through Tennessee, Hits CrossFit Hermitage

Tornadoes ripped through downtown Nashville and across eastern Tennessee early in the morning on March 3 as families


Mar 1, 2020 by

CrossFit Copenhagen’s 27 Gyms to End CrossFit Affiliation

Twelve years ago, Klaus Vesti and Andreas Bang opened CrossFit Copenhagen and since then, they’ve expanded

CrossFit Games

Feb 21, 2020 by

Jessica Griffith Seeks CrossFit Games Ticket in Miami

Jessica Griffith ended day one at Wodapalooza in fourth place overall and in the CrossFit Games invitation spot after

CrossFit Games

Feb 20, 2020 by

Fun and Fitness in the Sun, Wodapalooza Draws Big Crowds

Wodapalooza Miami started in 2012, as a 1-day competition with 145 athletes, and has now become the world’s premier

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