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Dubai Fitness Championship

Dec 2-4, 2022 | Dubai, UAE
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1Fabian Beneito Selles625
2Moritz Fiebig625
3Brent Fikowski620
4Jonne Koski600
5Alex Kotoulas580
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1Karin Frey705
2Matilde øyen Garnes585
3Emily Rolfe585
4Jamie Simmonds575
5Oihana Moya Oliver550
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8:30 am GMT+4 / 8:30 am GMT+4
Event 1: Burj Khalifa Challenge

For time:
Run up the Burj Khalifa (160 floors) with a weight vest

10kg/7kg vest

4:00 pm GMT+4 / 4:00 pm GMT+4
Event 2: Hang Clean Ladder

Max Lift: 1 Rep Max Hang Clean

85kg / 187lb
90kg / 198lb
95kg / 209lb
100kg / 220lb
102.5kg / 225.5lb
105kg / 231lb
107.5kg / 236.5lb
110kg / 242lb
112.5kg / 246.5lb

135kg / 297lb
140kg / 308lb
145kg / 319lb
150kg / 330lb
155kg / 341lb
160kg / 352lb
162.5kg / 357.5lb
165kg / 363lb
167.5kg / 368.5lb
170kg / 374lb
172.5kg / 379.5lb
175kg / 385lb

:20 lifting window / :10 transition
One attempt only, all cleans are with a short bar
Tie break: 5 hang squat cleans (70/100kg, 154/220lb)

6:20 pm GMT+4 / 6:20 pm GMT+4
Event 3: Get a Grip

For time:
30/22 cal SkiErg
40 Toes-to-Bar
40 Snatches 35kg/25kg, 77lb/55lb
30/22 cal SkiErg
40 Toes-to-Bar
20 Snatches 50kg/35kg, 110lb/77lb
30/22 cal SkiErg
40 Toes-to-Bar
10 Snatches 85kg/60kg, 187lb/132lb

22-min time cap

8:30 pm GMT+4 / 8:30 pm GMT+4
Event 4: Ride or Die

Round 1, 4-min cap:
40/30 cal Echo bike
4/3 legless rope climb

Round 2, 3-min cap:
30/20 cal Echo bike
3/2 legless rope climb

Round 3, 2-min cap:
20/10 cal Echo bike
2/1 legless rope climb

Elimination style event: Starting with two heats of 10, then two heats of five, then a final heat of top five.

3:30 pm GMT+4 / 3:30 pm GMT+4
Event 5: Fast Like an Onyx

For Max Reps:
4 sets, intervals of 2:30 on / 1:00 off
10 Shuttle Run
10 Burpee Box Clear (24/20′)
Max Reps DB Thrusters (2 x 70/50)*

Once an athlete reaches 40 reps, they will switch to 2 x 50/35lb dumbbells.

5:11 pm GMT+4 / 5:11 pm GMT+4
Event 6: Heavy Handed

For time:
75 heavy rope double-unders
90ft sandbag carry (200/150lb)
50 chest-to-bar pull-ups
90ft sandbag carry
75 heavy rope double-unders

7-min cap

6:19 pm GMT+4 / 6:19 pm GMT+4
Event 7: Barbell Furious

For time:
10 Cleans (100/70kg, 220lb/154lb)
10 Front Squats
10 Shoulder to Overhead

4-min cap

7:22 pm GMT+4 / 7:22 pm GMT+4
Event 8: Walking with the Devil

For time:
90ft HS walk
20 ring muscle-ups
30 devils press (50/35lb)
90ft double DB OH walking lunge

11-min time cap


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