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Toomey’s Quest for Fifth Title

Morning Chalk Up

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Happy Wednesday Morning Chalk Up readers! The CrossFit Games started out running and now, the Individual Athletes will dive in for a swim and paddle in a kayak 🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️.

In today’s edition:

  • What you need to know going into day two.
  • Three takeaways from day one of the CrossFit Games.
  • Toomey’s rise to the top in her quest for five titles.
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  What You Need to Know Going Into Day Two 

What You Need to Know Going Into Day Two

It’s a full packed day as we welcome the individual athletes to the competition stage in addition to the age group and adaptive athletes. More fans are starting to trickle into the Alliant Energy Center grounds to cheer on the men and women who made it to Madison after a year’s hiatus.

One big thing: For the first time, we’re seeing the kayak introduced at the Games. While we have the data to predict who might have done well in a paddle board event, the kayak is a completely different beast paired with the longest uninterrupted swim event ever programmed: 1 mile.

  • But in a fun twist, the swim is programmed with flippers, which may trip up athletes who aren’t used to swimming with those one.

The weather is forecasted to be a high of 91F (32C) and a low of 68F (20C) in Madison, WI.

  • Follow our live blog to stay up to date with what’s going on around the arena.
  • Here’s how to follow all the individual athletes through their social media accounts.
  • Last but not least, if you’re in Madison, here are all the activities to get involved inside and outside the arena.
  • All age group and adaptive leaderboards are available on our Instagram.

Speed read: A few stories that came out yesterday to get you up to speed.

  • Larissa Cunha has been disqualified from the CrossFit Games after testing positive for Ostarine, a SARM compound.
  • Dan Bailey tested positive for COVID-19 and withdrew from the competition. This comes a day after Bethany Shadburne also had to withdraw after testing positive for the virus.
  • Individual vents start today, and we’re giving you a behind-the-scenes look at athlete check-in.
  • Expect to see Jayson Hopper with the iconic swoosh across his sneakers at the CrossFit Games after announcing his partnership with Nike.
  • Dani Speegle partnered with supplement company Momentous. Lauren Fisher also recently joined the brand.
  • Former Regional CrossFit athlete, Maude Charron, took home a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics in weightlifting. She joins the elite group of CrossFitters to also compete in the Olympics with Tia-Clair Toomey who placed 14th in weightlifting in Rio and Anna Tunnicliffe who took the gold medal in sailing in Beijing.

Three videos worth watching:

  • Adaptive athlete Casey Acree kicked off Event 1 with a first-place finish. He also took home $1,000 for sporting a pair of Reeboks through their Bonus Program. But for him, he says, “for a lot of us we’ve been waiting a lot of years for CrossFit to include the adaptive division,” and it’s not as much about the money but being included in the Games.
  • 65-year-old Denise Ristow took third in the run event with a time of 28:06. When talking about how her fitness has improved with age, Ristow said, “I don’t know if I could have made it 30 years ago.”
  • 15-year-old CrossFit Games rookie Olivia Kerstetter snatches 202 pounds/91kg to take the event win. Her snatch would have been good enough to also take first in the 16-17 division by five pounds.
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  What You Need to Know Going Into Day Two 

Workouts, Schedule and How to Watch

Wednesday’s schedule of events: Below is the broadcast schedule. You can watch all of today’s events live as well as on the CrossFit Games’ YouTube and Facebook page.

  • Event 1: 7:00 AM PT/3:00 PM GMT
  • Event 2: 10:00 AM PT/6:00 PM GMT
  • Event 3: 11:45 PM PT/7:45 PM GMT

Want to see the schedule in your local time zone? Our schedule will automatically update to where you are on, or on our iOS or Android app. 

Tuesday’s Events: Individuals

Event 1 (Olin Park)

  • 1-Mile Swim With Fins
  • 3-Mile Kayak Paddle

Event 2 (North Park)

  • Sled Pull
  • Pig Flip
  • 42 Muscle-Ups
  • Pig Flip
  • Sled Pull

Event 3 (North Park)

  • 550-Yard Sprint

Here’s a daily schedule for For Age Group and Adaptive athletes.

  Three Takeaways From Day 1 of the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games 

Three Takeaways From Day 1 of the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games

After almost two years the CrossFit Games made its triumphant return to Madison, WI on Tuesday with the Adaptive, Teens and Masters Divisions kicking off the 15th year of the competition. Here are three takeaways from the opening day of the Games.

  1. If you host it they will come: Though not packed to the brim, the stands that surrounded North Park were filled with a lively crowd of fans. This is a far contrast from the 2019 Games when the Masters and Teen divisions competed in front of empty stands with no media coverage. With CrossFit changing the dates of the divisions back to its original format prior to the 2017 Games and dedicating a live feed and broadcast, the divisions were able to showcase their skills and athleticism in front of not just friends and family but the community as well. This is what these amazing athletes in these divisions deserve and finally received after two years.
  2. A young gun waiting: We’ve talked about how talented athlete Emma Lawson is and she proved that during each stage of the Games. Unfortunately, she came up short of joining fellow teens Emma Cary and Mallory O’Brien as individual competitors at the Games. But the 16-year-old Canadian showed that perhaps she could be ready to join her fellow teen alumni after her day one performance. She was five pounds short of sweeping all three events on Tuesday in the 16-17 teen girls division. She opened with wins in the 4.5 mile run in Event 1 and the bi-couplet of deadlifts and legless rope climbs in Event 2. She then ended the day with a second place finish in the one-rep max snatch with a lift of 192 pounds/87kgs.
  3. The Adaptive Division makes its debut: Some of the biggest applause and cheers were left for the much anticipated debut of the Adaptive Division. All 29 athletes spread across the six divisions were finally given the stage to show off their fitness and they didn’t disappoint. Performances like Josue Maldonado’s 525 pound/238kg deadlifts in Event 3 for the men’s Upper Extremity Division was a perfect example. It had fans on their feet inside the electric Coliseum.
  Kaiden Hogan Holds 6:04 Mile Pace to Win Event One in Dominating Fashion 

Kaiden Hogan Holds 6:04 Mile Pace to Win Event One in Dominating Fashion

As the Age Group and Adaptive divisions took center stage to kick-off the 2021 CrossFit Games, there was one teenage athlete that stood out from the crowd. 15-year-old Kaiden Hogan, who crossed the finish line without a soul in striking distance, winning the 3.75 mile run event for the 14-15 division.

One big thing: Right from the beginning, Hogan separated himself from the pack. You might expect him to have a background in running or maybe an endurance sport, but that’s not the case here. He jokingly said he’s just a good runner, but there’s no real reason for it.

  • “It was easy!” exclaimed Hogan when asked how the run felt shortly after cartwheeling across the finish line.
  • Hogan finished the 3.75 run in just 22:46.95, more than two and a half minutes faster than the second place finisher, Caden Poulin, who crossed the finish line in 25:15:74.
  • That’s an average pace of 6:04 per mile.
  • At 15-years-old, this is Hogan’s first CrossFit Games appearance.
  • When asked about the rest of the weekend, Hogan said, “I’m going to give each workout 100% and see what happens. My expectations are only to do the best I can do.”

Shoes sweeten the deal: The win for Hogan was made a little more exciting by the fact that he crossed the finish line with a pair of Reeboks on his feet.

  • Before the Games kicked off, Reebok announced a Bonus Program, offering $1,000 per event win to age group and adaptive athletes who wore their shoes during the event.
  • Since Hogan was in Reeboks, he pocketed $1,000.
  • “I love the Reebok deal,” said Hogan. “…especially now!” he added.
  15-Year-Old Gustavo Pusch Demolishes Snatch Event With 237 Pound Lift 

15-Year-Old Gustavo Pusch Demolishes Snatch Event With 237 Pound Lift

The teen divisions kicked off the 2021 NOBULL CrossFit Games with three events testing a variety of skills. 15-year-old Gustavo Pusch used the opportunity to turn heads during the final event by snatching 237 pounds/107kg.

  • Follow our live blog to stay up to date with what’s going on around the arena.

One big thing: Locking in 237 pounds/107kgs kept Pusch 17 pounds/7kgs ahead of runner-up Isaiah Weber. He was only one of four athletes to top the 200 pound/90kg mark, and he did so in a decisive fashion while adding even more points to his total.

  • Ty Jenkins turned in a solid performance during the one-rep max snatch event. The American lifted 215 pounds/97kgs and locked up a third place finish.
  • Caden Poulin rounded out the group of teen male athletes (14-15), hitting 200 pounds/90kg right on the mark to join his peers in an exclusive club.

Punching above his weight: Pusch’s lift was impressive in its own right, especially considering what some of the older athletes did. For comparison, only four of the athletes in the 16-17 division snatched more than him.

  • Austria’s Elias Simburger hit 255 pounds/115kgs, while American David Bradley took the event win with 262 pounds/118kgs.
  • Two more residents of the United States — Nate Ackermann and Jace Peck — both tied for third with 247 pound/112kg snatches. New Zealand’s Hiko o te rangi Curtis rounded out the top five with a 227 pound/102kg snatch.

The snatch event is not the only one that Pusch used to showcase his skills. The Brazilian also took home Event 2 with an impressive finish of 3:06 in the legless rope climb/deadlift event. Weber finished second with a time of 3:34.81.
Bottom line: The first day and two event wins catapulted Pusch to the top of the leaderboard. If Pusch continues to fight for wins in the 14-15 age division at the same level that he displayed on Tuesday, he will set himself up for a potential spot on the podium. Achieving this goal will not be a simple task, but the Brazilian is off to a strong start in Madison, WI.

  The Fight for Five: A Look Back at Toomey’s Record-Setting Career 


The Fight for Five: A Look Back at Toomey’s Record-Setting Career

The 2021 CrossFit Games starts today. We’ve covered age group divisions, adaptive divisions, teams, and several of the intriguing story lines in the elite individual field. But, there is one story that dominates them all this year: Tia-Clair Toomey’s quest for her fifth consecutive CrossFit Games title.


Toomey first showed up to the Games in 2015 as a wide-eyed rookie that basically no one knew. In fact, even by the end of the weekend when she wound up in second place (and was potentially one scoring decision away from winning), many people still weren’t sure who she was. She didn’t win or even take second in any events that year. She had a couple pretty underwhelming finishes such as 27th on Murph and 31st on Heavy DT (where she got time-capped), and yet, somehow she was there on the podium standing next to a couple of young Icelandic women, Katrin Davidsdottir and Sara Sigmundsdottir.

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