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Got Pistols?

Jan 17, 2017 by


No, not your Smith & Wesson .45. You know, the one legged squat that forces you to channel every mode of balance within your core, just to squat down, not fall backwards then squat up.


The jury’s still out on that question, but when in the bottom of a pistol squat with your leg out straight, parallel to the ground, it kinda looks like a pistol. Think Christmas Abbott.


Though the pistol only requires one leg at a time, this movement does an effective job at highlighting limited range of motion, and more specifically, it can help to eradicate imbalances between each side of your body. Pistols also work to concurrently train mobility, balance and strength all at once. Win, win. Bottom line, don’t skip out on these when they’re programmed even if you have to modify. Fitness is a journey right? We all have to start somewhere.


Like any skill movement, the pistol takes time and effort to build up to, but you can do it. If you’re serious about spending some time developing your pistols, Chris Spealler walks through a dozen different progressions to help you achieve that full range of motion. But we wouldn’t wait too long, you never know when Dave Castro will get trigger happy.

Think you’re the John Wayne of one-legged squats. Beat this guy’s world record and we’ll give you something pretty awesome.

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