Odd Hours? Can’t Make it to CrossFit Class?

February 27, 2017 by
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You’re coming off a 12 hour night shift and you’re exhausted. By the time you get some sleep and eat food, you’re back at it again. And thanks to this nocturnal lifestyle, the gym class times just aren’t matching up. So what do you do?

tWhether you’re a nurse, a law student, a mom or just have one of those jobs, life gets busy and it’s easy to find yourself caught up in an irregular schedule. We know the struggle is real, but we believe that finding that “you time” to work out is always worth it. That’s why we’ve done some research and want to share six WOD programs (in no particular order) that may be right up your alley.


Who started it? CrossFit, Inc. Need I say more?

What is it? A daily programming that takes you back to basics with one “Workout of the Day” – be it a metcon or specific strength work.

What’s included? A variety of strength, cardio & core CrossFit movements. The website offers “Related Content” for further reading and background, along with a place to post how you did under “Comments.” No cherry picking allowed.

How long does it take? Typically can be completed in an hour or less.

Pros: Coming from the heart of CrossFit, this programming helps athletes focus on completing ONE WOD excellently instead of cramming a bunch of metcons into a training session. The workouts are hard and will challenge your training daily (2.10.17 programming even incorporated some triple-unders!).

Program Cost: FREE

Sample a daily workout here: 

2. Train with Julie Foucher

Check it out.

Who started it? Julie Foucher. Four-time CrossFit Games athlete, CrossFit Level 1 staff member, & medical student at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University.

What is it? A daily program for ultra-busy people that want to keep in shape.

What’s included? A daily task list with a warm-up, workout, strength and/or skill work, and a cool down.

How long does it take? Designed to be completed in one hour. Pros: Programming is clear, concise, productive & includes different options for sign-up with a cancel anytime policy. Get your workout done in just one hour, while learning from one of the best.

Program Cost: $45/month. You can also try it out with her “Train on the Go” program.

3. Crossfit Linchpin

Check it out.

Who started it? Pat Sherwood. Former Navy SEAL and 10+ years working for CrossFit HQ.

What is it? A daily “Workout of the day” that varies from classic benchmarks to original metcons (can be modified/scaled).

What’s included? 1-2 “sections” every day. Some days start with strength and end with a metcon. Some days are just a longer metcon. Weights vary from light to moderate to heavy. Time domains vary from very short to the very long.

How long does it take? Crafted to get you as fit as possible in an hour or less a day.

Pros: Each daily workout is manageable. Programming is easy to follow and includes a little bit of everything. Daily workouts are posted online and to the CrossFit Linchpin Instagram.

Program Cost: FREE

Sample a daily workout.

4. Street Parking

Check it out.

Who started it? Julian Alacaraz & Miranda Oldroyd (Total Baddass, CrossFit competitor & part of the CrossFit Seminar Staff)

What is it? Daily programming that the busy athlete can do anywhere. Whether you’re in a gym, at your house or on the road, choose from 3 different versions of the workout, depending on available equipment.

What’s included? Daily workouts, access to private Instagram and Facebook groups with daily tips and demos, plus direct contact with Miranda / Julian and other Street Parking members.

How long does it take? 1 hour or less Pros: The Street Parking x Wodify App lets you view the workouts from your phone, record and track results, as well as compare scores with other Street Parking followers. You also get access to weekly bonus workouts for lifting and accessory work.

Program Cost: $19/month

Sample a daily workout.

5. Jacked Unicorns

Check it out.

Who started it? Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. Winner of the 2014 CrossFit Games. Consistently competitive Games Athlete. Canadian Native livin’ the good life in Colorado.

What is it? A daily programming centered on a virtual community, where you can track results and participate in a private FB group for members.

What’s included? A custom program, written by Camille, with a warm-up, gymnastic and Olympic lifting skill work, strength development progression, accessory work & high intensity metcons.

How long does it take? Around 1- 2 hours

Pros: You’re part of a private FB community that can keep you accountable with your fitness and give advice on lifts, etc. The program really focuses on strength and metcons, without neglecting the importance of accessory work. Plus you get personal feedback from Camille. That’s pretty cool.

Program Cost: $100/month

Sample of the daily workout.

6. EMOM of the Day

Check it out.

Who started it? Jason Khalipa – Family man, business man, athlete. 2008 Champion of the CFG & “OG” of CrossFit.

What is it? A daily EMOM posted by Khalipa on Instagram.

What’s included? The structure calls for a movement(s) to be performed at the start of every minute – either for a specific amount of reps or for a set period of time. After 60 seconds, you start again. Programming incorporates strength, cardio, drills and other necessary elements in a daily metabolic challenge. Scaling is allowed.

How long does it take? Around 30 min or less

Pros: Each workout is simple, but deceptively brutal. Just look at the first EMOM posted – 20 minutes of 20 cal row (even) and 15 burpees (odd). It’s all about pushing your limits. It’s a good option, especially when you’re traveling or need a change of pace.

Program Cost: FREE

Sample of the daily workout.

Did you try out a program that you like? Send us a note and let us know.

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