How to Use Video Games to Get your Kids to Exercise

April 25, 2018 by
Jeremy Fielding, YouTube
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The story.

It’s no surprise that a lot of kids these days aren’t getting enough activity in. Between iPhones, iPods, tablets, social media, and video games, kids are just spending a lot more time doing nothing. But what if you had to get in a little WOD to make it possible to play your video games?

OK, I’m listening.

Jeremy Fielding is a YouTuber who’s fascinated with all things mechanical. His channel features 2 million views worth of videos of him deconstructing treadmills and repurposing their parts, things you can make with a washing machine, and most recently: powering a Wii gaming system with just a rower (fast forward to the 8:30 mark).

Literally, the harder you row the longer you get to play.


Basically, Jeremy can turn just about any machine into a manual generator. While one person creates energy (and gets a little workout in) the other person can use the gaming system. Pretty cool, eh?

BTW, any of you ever wondered why the Concept 2 even needs batteries with all that energy being generated?

It’s all about balance.

If you can figure out how to finagle this system in your own home (which might actually be doable with his instructional videos), you can make your kids work for their screen/gaming time. Hell yeah, everyone wins.

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