In What Country Will You Compete in the Open?

Sep 19, 2018 by

The question on everyone’s mind. 

Since the changes to the CrossFit Games season were announced, we’ve seen this question pop up several times: 

If Katrin Davidsdottir is from Iceland but lives in the United States, which country will she be competing in for the Fittest in country spot at the CrossFit Games?

We don’t have a definitive answer, but we have a pretty good idea based on how they’ve handled this in the past. 

Which is…

Here’s what the 2018 rulebook says: 

“During the registration process, athletes will provide information to establish their competitive region for the Open. Athletes will remain assigned to this region throughout regionals and the Games.

“Residency requirements used to determine an athlete’s region are NOT based on country of origin, passport held, or nationality, but solely on where the athlete is living at the close of the first Open workout. For the vast majority of athletes, their region will coincide with where they live, work and train on a daily basis.”

In conclusion…

Wherever the athlete registers and resides at the close of the first Open workout will be their region. But we’d still wait for the rulebook to come out. 


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