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Rogue Invitational Athlete Roster

Nov 9, 2018 by

It wasn’t more than a day after Rogue Fitness announced their sanctioned event — the Rogue Invitational — that personalized physical invitations began arriving in athletes’ mailboxes. 

The Invitational, which will also include an online qualifier, will be filled mostly by invited athletes. There will be 20 male and 20 female athletes, and 10 teams competing in Columbus at Rogue Headquarters over two days. The winners will qualify for the CrossFit Games and $50,000 for individuals and $20,000 for teams. The rest of the field will be vying for upwards of $400,000 in prize money, including $5,000 for each event win. 

Here are the athletes we’ve confirmed have received invitations so far:


  1. Mathew Fraser — Accepted
  2. Cole Sager — Accepted
  3. Ben Smith — Accepted
  4. Willy Georges — Accepted
  5. Lukas Högberg — Accepted
  6. Patrick Vellner — Accepted
  7. Noah Ohlsen — Accepted
  8. BK Gudmundsson — Accepted
  9. Rasmus Andersen — Accepted
  10. Scott Panchik — Accepted


  1. Margaux Alvarez — Accepted
  2. Kristi Eramo — Accepted
  3. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet — Accepted
  4. Kristin Holte — Accepted
  5. Laura Horvath — Accepted
  6. Katrin Davidsdottir — Accepted
  7. Sara Sigmundsdottir — Accepted
  8. Kari Pearce — Accepted
  9. Tia Toomey — Accepted
  10. Annie Thorisdottir — Accepted
  11. Brooke Wells — Accepted


  1. Christy Adkins — Accepted
  2. Matt Chan — Accepted
  3. Julie Foucher — Accepted
  4. Jason Khalipa — Accepted
  5. Mikko Salo
  6. Josh Everett — Accepted
  7. Chris Spealler — Accepted
  8. Stacie Tovar — Accepted
  9. Becca Voigt — Accepted
  10. Kris Clever — Accepted
  11. Annie Sakamoto — Accepted
  12. Tommy Hackenbruck — Accepted
  13. Scott Panchik — Accepted
  14. Julie Foucher — Accepted
  15. Chris Spealler — Accepted
  16. Tanya Wagner — Accepted
  17. Graham Holmberg — Accepted

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Rogue Invitational

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Your Coffee is ready. Your Coffee is ready. Your Coffee is ready. Your Coffee is ready. Your Coffee is ready