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Dave Still Programming Open and Games Events

Jan 16, 2019 by

What happened?

On a phone call with Greg Glassman Friday, he confirmed again that Dave Castro will be programming the workouts for the 2019 CrossFit Games as well as the five weeks of the CrossFit Open.

“He is,” said Glassman when asked if Castro would be programming the upcoming Open workouts.

“That being said, he knows my biases and where I’m taking things,” Glassman continued. “And we’re working a little more closely this year.”

How we got here.

Since the summer layoffs and changes to the CrossFit Games season were announced, Castro has been noticeably silent. His silence and recent decision to make his Instagram private, has given rise to the speculation that Castro was on his way out.

“If anyone’s betting against Dave’s future with CrossFit, you’re throwing your money away,” Glassman said.

Glassman also dismissed Castro’s silence during the skakeup: “[Dave] was reluctant to offer anything when so much was in flux. The whole thing’s in the shop right now and it’s easiest and best to say nothing.”

Anything else?

Fans shouldn’t expect large scale live Open announcements like in years past. Glassman hinted at some plans in the works for announcing the events each week of the Open, but made it clear nothing on that scale would be produced this year.

NOTE: This story has been edited for clarity. 


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