Now that the CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town has come to a close, we’ve got the athlete payouts for the Individual and Team divisions. It should be noted that some adjustments were made to the final leaderboard standing for the teams after a scoring error, but the athlete payouts reflect the corrected standings.

The prize money listed is in South African Rand (ZAR), we’ve also included a conversion to the prize amount total in United States Dollars (USD) as well for reference.

In addition to the prize money for overall placement on the podium, athletes and teams were awarded prize money for winning events. Individuals were awarded R2,000 for 100 point events and R1,000 for 50 point events. Teams were awarded R2,000 for 300 point events, and R1,000 for 150 point events.


  1. Katrin Davidsdottir – R68,000 (5,027 USD)
  2. Mia Akerlund – R36,000 (2,661 USD)
  3. Alessandra Pichelli – R15,000 (1,256 USD)
  4. Karla Wolford – R2,000 (147 USD)
  5. Michelle Merand – R1,000 (74 USD)


  1. Sean Sweeney – R60,000 (4,471 USD)
  2. Cole Sager – R32,000 (2,365 USD)
  3. James Newbury – R19,000 (1,404 USD)
  4. (tie) Tim Paulson – R4,000 (295 USD)
    (tie) Andre Houdet – R4,000 (295 USD)
  5. Anderon Primo – R2,000 (147 USD)
  6. Lucas Parker – R1,000 (74 USD)


  1. Vondelgym – R65,000 (4,805 USD)
  2. Superheroproject – R39,000 (2,883 USD)
  3. Jacked Rebels – R15,000 (1,117 USD)
  4. Dors Bere – R3,000 (221 USD)
  5. Team Outlaw – R1,000 (74 USD)



CrossFit Fittest in Cape Town

Katrin Davidsdottir | Mia Akerlund | Alessandra Pichelli | Michele Merand | Sean Sweeney | Cole Sager | James Newbury | Tim Paulson | Andre Houdet | Lucas Parker | Karla Wolford

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