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Granite Games Joins the Loud and Live Family

Jul 25, 2019 by

The list of Sanctionals under the Loud and Live Sports umbrella continues to grow, as the company announced it was acquiring the Granite Games. 

The big picture: Loud and Live now operates five Sanctionals, increasing their foothold as the dominant player in hosting CrossFit events: Wodapalooza (Miami, FL,) the West Coast Classic (Del Mar, CA,) the Mayan CrossFit Classic (Mexico), Madrid CrossFit Championship (Spain), and Granite Games (Minnesota). No other Sanctional organizer even operates two. 

  • By operating one-sixth of all Sanctionals, Loud and Live has a lot of leverage to negotiate agreements with other Sanctionals. 
  • Case in point: In 2019 L&L struck deals with Brazil and Cape Town to allow top performing athletes at Wodapalooza entry to their events, L&L confirmed that they’re working on another formal invitation structure for next season as well to reward top performers with access to other Sanctionals as well. 
  • L&L helped facilitate the formation of the International Online Qualifier, a single qualifier for four Sanctionals. 

What it means for 2020: Officials from L&L confirmed that there would be some changes for next season but some key pieces would remain intact.

  • As of right now the Granite Games will not be joining the International Online Qualifier, and much of the competition’s format will remain the same.
  • A location change announced prior to the 2019 event is still on the table, however no official decision has been made on where.

Founder John Swanson on the move: “We believe in the Loud And Live Sports’ mission, and feel this greatly improves our ability to deliver an event to our community which has meant so much to so many.”

  • Founder and Event Director John Swanson will be joining L&L in an advisory role that will assist with all five of the L&L events.

A little background: The Granite Games were founded by John Swanson in 2010, and over the course of nine years has grown to become one of the most elite competitions in CrossFit. 

  • Nearly 10,000 athletes registered to compete in the online portion of the event, and over 2,000 athletes competed at the event finals in 2019.
  • In the pre-sanctionals era, Granite Games grew to become one of the “big three” off season competitions along with Wodapalooza, and the now defunct East Coast Championships.
  • The competition has played host to the biggest names in the sport, and past champions include Mat Fraser (2014), Sam Briggs (2014), Sara Sigmundsdottir (2015), and Patrick Vellner (2016).

President of Loud And Live Sports, Matt O’Keefe: “This is an exciting day, and we areelated to elevate an already great competition to greater heights. What John and his team have built over the last decade is nothing short of amazing, and we’re excited to join hands to embrace the event’s rich history, while enhancing the experience for athletes, brands, and spectators alike.”

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Granite Games

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