Jeff Cain, the CEO of CrossFIt, Inc. submitted his letter of resignation and will be stepping down from his position on September 1, 2019, multiple sources confirmed. Cain took over the position from Greg Glassman in 2017, and is the most recent in a string of top brass to exit the company in recent months including the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer.

The reason for Cain’s resignation are unknown. Morning Chalk Up made multiple attempts to obtain comment from CrossFit HQ but were unsuccessful. Additionally, we withheld publishing this story for more than a week to afford them the opportunity to do so.

The big picture: Over the past 12 months, Cain has been key in implementing the most sweeping changes to the CrossFit Games since the deal with Reebok nearly 10 years ago and the company’s refocus on health initiatives.

Some of the major changes under Cain’s leadership:

  • Removal of Regionals format replaced by 14 Sanctionals in year one, 28 in year two.
  • Creation of official licensed CrossFit events.
  • Multi-year deal with WIT Fitness as the official online retailer of CrossFit gear.
  • Rule reversal allowing athletes to wear shoe preference of their choice at the CrossFit Games.
  • A new and changed direction of CrossFit’s YouTube content.
  • CrossFit’s public exodus from Facebook and Instagram.
  • Overhaul of CrossFit’s specialty course program.

Inside scoop: Sources suggest that CrossFit HQ won’t be filling the CEO position. Even after relinquishing the CEO role, Glassman has been much more than a titular head as Chairman and Founder and will continue steering the ship as it moves out of the 10-year Reebok contract and beyond.


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