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10-Year Affiliate Summit: What to Expect

Sep 18, 2019 by

On Friday, 200 affiliate owners will descend on Whistler for the 10-Year CrossFit Affiliate Gathering, a three-day lightly scheduled gathering of owners of affiliates open for 10 years or more. 

What’s on the agenda: This isn’t a corporate conference with 30-minute breakout sessions and big conference lectures. The specific itinerary is lightly scheduled with community activities, but there’s a good chunk of time dedicated to having Greg Glassman on the mic speaking directly to affiliates. 

  • Glassman told me last week that he wants this to be an opportunity to hear directly from the 10-year affiliate community. Glassman likes loosely planned gatherings that can develop naturally and allow for some improvisation. 
  • Glassman: “Let affiliates talk and me listen.”
  • CrossFit Health and CrossFit’s various health initiatives like MDL1 and getting more doctors in boxes will be a topic of discussion.

What’s unlikely to be on the agenda: Anyone looking for CrossFit HQ to announce they’re changing course to provide affiliates with more business resources, how to guides and hands on instructions won’t find much. Simply put, CrossFit wants to build better trainers not better business owners.

Stats de jure: There are 800 ten-year plus affiliates by our last counting in June, 175,000 active level 1 certifications and 30 flowmasters.

  • Glassman is very focused on continuing to educate these communities specifically. 

How to stay up to date: Morning Chalk Up will be reporting from the summit all weekend so follow along on Instagram and Twitter for updates.

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