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CrossFit Returns To Facebook

Mar 16, 2020 by

CrossFit Inc.’s reversal of it’s 2019 social media purge continues, as the CrossFit Facebook page was reactivated Monday, followed shortly by an updated cover photo and the first post since May 19, 2019.. Two weeks ago we reported that the CrossFit Games Facebook page had returned, and now the main CrossFit page – along with it’s more than 3 million followers has followed suit.

The next in line: This is the fourth social media page that CrossFit Inc. has revived since they initially broke the moratorium by bringing the CrossFit Training Instagram page back online on November 10 of last year. The addition of the CrossFit Facebook page instantly increased the company’s  social media reach by roughly 45%, and the page has the single largest following of any social media page that CrossFit Inc. currently operates.

Social accounts currently active:

  • CrossFit Facebook — 3.04 million followers
  • CrossFit Training Instagram — 798,000 followers
  • CrossFit Games Instagram — 113,000 followers
  • CrossFit Games Facebook — 2.6 million followers
  • CrossFit Games Twitter — 734,600 followers
  • CrossFit Twitter — 977,800 followers
  • CrossFit YouTube — 1.52 million subscribers
  • CrossFit Games YouTube — Not publicly displayed

Wider reach, bigger platform: CrossFit Inc.’s combined social media reach is now in the neighborhood of 10 million followers, which includes redundancies. In the midst of a public health pandemic, a competition season that has drastically been affected as a result, and with a CrossFit Health message that has largely existed on single website since the initial social media purge, the return of such a large, popular information medium could prove crucial going forward.


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