Free In-House Competitions For Affiliates

March 26, 2020 by
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With CrossFit affiliates all over the world on hiatus due to government orders as a result of the coronavirus, gym-owners are going to great lengths to find ways to engage their client base and provide value to their loyal members during the quarantine. Gym-goers are forced to get creative in their efforts to get their fitness fix, and many brands within the space are shifting focus to donate time and energy to help bring the splintered communities together.

Competition Corner, the online scoring and competition hosting company that is home to 22 Sanctionals and 3,200 competitions in 74 countries annually, is now offering its platform for free to gym-owners in order to host their own online competition for their members and local communities.

Rev those engines: Many affiliates have already made significant changes in order to keep things afloat, like offering at-home programming, virtual classes, or lending out equipment to their members. This is another tool for coaches, and gym-owners to utilize to help keep their clients engaged, and active during the quarantine.

  • Intramural competitions: Similar to any other in-house competitions for an affiliate amongst their members. Create individual or team competitions with different skill levels and programming.
  • Local throwdowns: Affiliates in the same city or area can band together to create a friendly competition between their individual gyms to help build bridges within their community under a common purpose.

“At the moment, it’s about getting through this together and we’re trying to share the message that gyms can use our platform as another creative solution,” says Competition Corner founder Michael Huynh, “we want to help keep that camaraderie we all love alive and well amongst their members.”

It’s no secret that the umbrella of competition can create all sorts of magic for athletes of any level. It’s why the CrossFit Games Open has been such a powerful tool for gyms since its inception in 2011. We’re also smack dab in the middle of a period where millions of people are feeling the listlessness of being isolated at home for weeks on end. The CrossFit community will be looking for any excuse to get up off the couch, be accountable, interact with friends (virtually), and get the good juices flowing through some exercise.

For gym owners: If you’re interested in utilizing the Competition Corner platform, please contact them directly by emailing Michael Huynh at [email protected].

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