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CrossFit Games Comments Cast Doubt on Priority of Athlete Safety

May 20, 2020 by

An Instagram exchange between the CrossFit Games and a fan caught the attention of the CrossFit community Wednesday. In the exchange, the CrossFit Games downplayed the priority of keeping athletes safe and healthy, saying “toughen up” and disagreeing that the health of athletes should be prioritized above the test of fitness.

*NOTE: The comment thread is long and has been condensed to show the initial comment and the exchange with the CrossFit Games. Neither the content nor the order of comments has been altered.

CrossFit HQ did not return a request for comment after given an opportunity to clarify the remarks.

The big picture: California Governor Gavin Newsom delivered encouraging news Monday that pro sports may begin as early as the first week of June, clearing a potential hurdle for the Games to move forward. However, California and other states are outlining clear restrictions on how these sports can operate.

  • In the NBA, only four players are allowed on-site at a time in states that are allowing teams to return to practice.
  • In the NFL, clubs can allow at most 50% of staff at once with no more than 75 people present.
  • The CrossFit Games has invited 60 athletes, and there will be dozens more potentially between operations, media, and medical.

One big thing: Privately, several Games athletes have expressed doubt to the Morning Chalk Up that safety protocols will be a priority. In official CrossFit Games announcements, they have yet to mention COVID-19 or coronavirus, nor have they released any details regarding safety protocols or procedures they’re planning to take to ensure athlete safety.

Even as fit as professional athletes are, there are several known cases of athletes contracting the virus. Here are a few:

  • Eight-time CrossFit Games athlete Chris Spealler contracted the virus back in early April.
  • Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell.
  • Boston Celtics’ Marcus Smart.
  • Detroit Pistons’ Christian Wood.
  • Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant and three other players on the team.
  • Ahmad Ayyad, an obstacle course racer was on a ventilator for three weeks due to the virus.

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