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Gillette Partners with Rogue Invitational Qualifiers for National Campaign

May 20, 2020 by

A “who’s who” of top male CrossFit athletes are teaming up with Gillette for a national campaign leading up to the Rogue Invitational online competition. Tabbed the #GilletteSweatForRogue campaign, the athletes will see if Gillette’s Clear Gel deodorant will keep them smelling fresh during and after their grueling workouts this coming weekend and in the days leading up to the Rogue Invitational on June 13-14.

Taking on the challenge: The roster of CrossFit athletes taking on the Gillette deodorant challenge includes Mathew Fraser, Cole Sager, Pat Vellner, Jacob Heppner, Chandler Smith, Noah Ohlsen, Travis Mayer and Saxon Panchik.

  • All the athletes signed to the sponsorship deal will be posting about the campaign on their social media accounts, host Instagram live videos this weekend during the challenge as well as being featured on Gillette’s social media and national advertisements.
  • “The deal with Gillette stemmed largely from a recognition of the sport of CrossFit,” said Sager. “They reached out a few months ago expressing interest and eventually got in touch with Loud & Live and Matt O’Keefe and they came up with the campaign agreement for their Clear Gel Deodorant. Gillette is a very well known company, one I have used for many years from razors to deodorant, to body wash, and have always had a respect for their products. Back in 2018 I even did a small campaign for them, so there is a bit of history there. It felt like it came together fairly organically, especially as our sport of fitness has grown. It probably also helps that I have a fairly clean shave or just lack of facial hair. Idk. Haha!”

Why it matters: A national brand like Gillette signing a deal to market some of the top athletes in CrossFit who are participating in one of the premier CrossFit events in the world reaffirms the popularity and marketability of the “Sport of Fitness.” Gillette reached out to O’Keefe, President of Loud And Live Sport, who also represents many top athletes, about partnering with them on the campaign. For O’Keefe it was a perfect match.

  • Non-endemic brands are taking notice more and more,” O’Keefe said about the partnership. “Fitness and training are very relatable storylines with consumers. There are billions of people training globally. Our influencers and content is highly consumed and a worthy investment. We are proud that brands like Gillette are seeing the merit and opportunity with our eco-system. Gillette is a premium brand. We and the athletes involved couldn’t be more excited to help them tell a fitness/training story to their consumers.”
  • “This is just the natural progression that comes with a growing sport,” reiterated Sager. “CrossFit has grown and with that, a lot of athletes have also grown to become fairly mainstream in the fitness industry, so seeing more and more brands partner with CrossFit athletes doesn’t surprise me. We started seeing this occur a few years ago and I only see it continuing as the space grows.”
  • “This is an exciting opportunity for Cole and all of the athletes involved,” said O’Keefe. “Gillette is a brand that they have all grown up with, it’s been a part of their lives forever. Partnering with Gillette is an honor for all of them. All the athletes are excited to go to work with and for Gillette, validating them with our community.”

One big thing: This sponsorship with a national brand and company comes on the heels of Sara Sigmundsdottir signing with Volkswagen as a global brand ambassador and Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey’s recent partnership with Chipotle.

  • “Gillette Deodorant believes in supporting those in pursuit of their best and in inspiring others to do the same,” said Isabel Pimentel, Procter & Gamble Personal Care Associate Director. “We know these past few months have been hard on the CrossFit community. We were proud to contribute to CrossFit’s “Support Your Local Box” campaign and we applaud Rogue for finding a way to still hold their Invitational online.”  
  • “All the athletes involved are looking forward to showing how Gillette is a part of their lives and training leading up to competing at the Rogue Invitational in a few weeks,” said O’Keefe. “Look out for some exciting Instagram live sessions Gillette has set up for the community to engage and interact with the brand and athletes.”
  • “At Gillette, we’re excited for these athletes to put our Clear Gel deodorant to the ultimate test, but more importantly, we wanted to provide a platform for some of CrossFit’s top personalities to showcase their preparation for Rogue as well as for them to demonstrate the camaraderie that makes this community special,” said Pimentel.

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