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Sigmundsdottir Signs with Volkswagen

Apr 2, 2020 by

At a time when the global sports world has ground to a halt and the CrossFit Games season inches closer to being canceled altogether, Sara Sigmundsdottir is making major news after inking a deal to be Volkwagen’s new global brand ambassador for their sporty R line.

  • Sigmundsdottir: “Signing this contract is one of the milestone moments in my professional career. It has been a long time coming and I lack the words to describe how happy and grateful I am. I fully realize that the timing of this announcement comes at a time where there are far more important issues going on in the world but at the same time I feel that it can be a source of encouragement and hope to show that wheels are still turning and deals are still being done.”

Why it matters: Volkswagen’s decision to sign Sigmundsdottir speaks volumes to her marketability on a global scale but also the appeal and recognition of CrossFit Games athletes in marketing. Though this is only a toe in the water, this is the largest company to enter the CrossFit market and begins to pave the way for other non-fitness companies to enter the space.

  • Volkswagen’s annual revenue in 2019 was just under $275 billion dollars. To put that in perspective, that’s nearly 7x the annual revenue posted by one of Sigmundsdottir’s other sponsors, NIKE.

One big thing: To our knowledge, this is the first CrossFit Games athlete in history to be a global brand ambassador for a car company. We’re not talking about a local dealership partnership, but one of the largest car companies in the world with a near-limitless marketing budget.

For Sigmundsdottir, the deal also demonstrates how widespread her marketability is, adding to an already impressive list that includes:

  • NIKE
  • Rogue
  • Trifecta
  • Compex
  • Foodspring
  • Unbroken

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Sara Sigmundsdottir

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