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Georgia Affiliate Buys 90 Pairs of Shoes for Loyal Lockdown Members

Jun 29, 2020 by

Affiliate owner Nathan Black and his team at BGB CrossFit in Fayetteville, GA  wanted to do something for the 90-plus members who stuck with them the entire time the gym was closed due to COVID-19.

So BGB CrossFit dropped a little under $6,000 on Nano X shoes to gift to each and every member who continued to pay their membership dues during the shutdown.

  • “We did it because our members stood by us and kept paying their membership while we were shut down. Most didn’t even do our Zoom classes, but knew we couldn’t stay open without their support,” said Black, who owns the gym along with wife Dana Black, as well as Kirsten Guillams and Brandon Bergin.
  • “They are the reason we even started our gym. If we didn’t have them, they wouldn’t have us,” he added.
Photo Credit: Nathan Black

One big thing: To say that the last few months have been tumultuous in the CrossFit community is a dramatic understatement. But, stories like BGB CrossFit, a gym that retained 90 percent of its members in lockdown because they understood that they needed to keep paying their dues if they wanted a gym to return to, and the owner who rewarded them with a special and unexpected gift, remind everyone of the true spirit of community and support within CrossFit.

  • Over the past weeks and months, the Morning Chalk has covered big campaigns, like O2’s #StayforMay promotion and fundraisers like United in Movement and Support Your Local Box, but actions like BGB CrossFit, on the local affiliate level around the country and world are so inspirational.  

Appreciative recipients: BGB CrossFit members were pleasantly surprised when they received their gifts, Black said.

  • “I emailed everyone asking for shoe sizes and a lot were expecting custom socks, not shoes. They were shocked they got shoes,” he said.

For Black and his team, it felt like the least they could do.

  • “We are extremely thankful for their support. If we didn’t have it, we literally wouldn’t be around to service them,” he said.

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