O2 and the Community Coalition Makes $100,000,000 Available for CrossFitters in December

December 1, 2020 by
Photo credit: Community Coalition
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In October, O2, Born Primitive, and eight other Community Coalition brands partnered with Scott Panchik to announce “#NoQuitNovember” — a gym member loyalty rewards program — after a month of sharing online profits with gym owners.

Similar to the popular “Stay for May” initiative last spring, #NoQuitNovember rewards gym members for keeping their memberships active. This time, though, the rewards were doubled: a $200 voucher for 10 brands ($20 per brand). 

O2’s Community Coalition recently made the program eligible for every CrossFit and functional fitness gym in the continental US, regardless of whether they experienced shutdowns or enrolled in October.

One big thing: The potential dollar amount could be staggering. Based on the number of eligible gyms, there is approximately $100,000,000 in December gift vouchers available to active gym members in the CrossFit community. 

  • “Gym owners and gym members loved our Stay for May initiative to reward member loyalty, which is by far the most important thing for gyms right now,” said O2 founder and CEO Dave Colina. 
  • “Given we’re still in the thick of things with Covid-19, any gym owner in the continental US can award these $200 vouchers to any of their members this month as a way of thanking members for staying with the gym.”

Gym owners enrolled in the program were sent a link via email yesterday to share with their members, and members are required to get that link directly from their gym owner. 

Photo credit: Community Coalition

The bottom line: If you’re a gym owner and didn’t receive that link or aren’t registered yet, go to and register your gym. You’ll receive instructions on how to send vouchers to your members immediately. There’s no cost to participate in the program.

  • We want to take whatever action we can to support our gym community with win/win opportunities to reward gym member loyalty,” said Colina. “We feel gym owners and coaches are among the most important people in society, especially right now, and all brands in the Community Coalition feel strongly about doing what we can to help them through this.”  

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