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Mayhem Roster Cleared to Compete, CrossFit Extends Eligibility Deadline

January 28, 2021 by
Image Credit: Andrea Nisler
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The recent announcement about the new additions to CrossFit Mayhem Freedom’s roster has caused quite a stir across the community including some controversy over the eligibility of two of the three new athletes.

Some people went so far as to create burner accounts on Instagram and Reddit to cry foul on the additions of Andrea Nisler and Chase Hill to the roster, claiming that they were ineligible due to proximity violations on Nisler’s account and both athletes having previously been the licensee of record (LOR) for affiliates other than CrossFit Mayhem.

  • Rulebook section 1.14 states: “In addition to being active members of the team’s CrossFit affiliate, team athletes all must live within 100 miles of the CrossFit affiliate they are representing.”
  • Rulebook section 1.17 states: “The Licensee of Record (LOR) for an affiliate may not compete on any team other than a team from their own affiliate. The LOR for an affiliate may not be changed in order to allow the original LOR to compete for a different team. If an affiliate’s LOR is changed between Jan. 1 and the close of the first Open event, both the original LOR and the new LOR may only compete on a team from that affiliate during the CrossFit Games season.”

The 100 mile rule only affected Nisler, who moved in with teammate Taylor Wllliamson to meet the requirement. Williamson lives in the greater Knoxville area of Tennessee after moving there months ago for school to become a physician assistant. 

Both Hill and Nisler were previously the LOR for affiliates other than Mayhem but have taken steps accordingly to ensure their eligibility. Hill applied to switch the LOR for his affiliate prior to the deadline, which Rich Froning confirmed during an appearance on the Talking Elite FItness podcast.

  • Froning: “Chase went ahead and was pre-emptive, he has the email thread and everything from previous to January 1 trying to switch the LOR.”

Nisler did not switch the LOR on her affiliate prior to January 1, but it is important to note that the rulebook which set forth the new affiliate cup eligibility standards did not publish until January 7.

  • Nisler contacted CrossFit immediately and was given confirmation from CrossFit staff to make immediate changes accordingly to the LOR of her affiliate to ensure her eligibility to compete for Mayhem Freedom.
  • Nisler: “I emailed CFHQ the day the rules came out and they were fine with it. The LOR was changed as soon as the release of the rules.”

The Morning Chalk Up reached out to CrossFit for clarification on the eligibility issues in question as it pertains to all athletes and potential teams and received the following statement.

  • After multiple inquiries regarding the January 1st deadline for Licensee of Record (LOR) status in the rulebook, CrossFit has decided to extend that deadline to February 15th to ensure there is no confusion and all athletes have sufficient time to change their LOR status as needed to participate on their intended teams. We will issue an updated rulebook with that new date on Friday. Further, CrossFit is aligning any address documentation requirements for eligibility with the same February 15th deadline. Any athletes or teams with questions regarding competition requirements should contact [email protected], and we will do our best to resolve those questions or issues.”

The big picture: This type of adjustment for eligibility makes sense for this season specifically due to the context of the timing and nature of the rulebook release. The rulebook included sweeping changes to the team format that included deadlines not already announced until after those deadlines had passed. 

  • A real world analogy: It would be like a teacher assigning a paper without a specified deadline, then showing up to class one day only to reveal the deadline was six days prior and subsequently failing everyone who did not have their papers ready to turn in on the spot. 

It seems reasonable then that CrossFit has set aside a grace period applicable to everyone equally across the board where athletes and affiliates could make the necessary changes in the midst of a global pandemic to fit the criteria for eligibility. This extends well beyond the scope of just the Mayhem Freedom team, and highlights the flexibility CrossFit is willing to exercise in these unprecedented times. 

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