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Team Quarterfinals: What To Expect

April 21, 2021 by
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Two weeks ago, the CrossFit community watched the individuals take the floor to compete for their spot in the Semifinals. This weekend, the process begins once again for teams, as the road to the affiliate cup continues.

One big thing: This weekend, CrossFit teams compete for a spot in the semifinals starting on Thursday April 22 at 12pm PST. Here are the details so far.

Who qualified?

  • The top 25% of teams from the Open in each continent qualified for Quarterfinals.
  • Invitations were sent out to teams on Monday, April 12.
  • CrossFit will not backfill the teams should an invited team choose to forgo their invitation.

What do team rosters look like?

  • Team rosters are not due until Friday, April 23 at 12pm PT, the same time the first scores are due.
  • Teams must select two men, two women, and two alternates (one man and one woman) to be on their roster. Once registration closes, the rosters cannot be changed.
  • Regardless of which athletes contributed to the team’s overall score, team rankings will remain the same, even if those athletes choose not to join their team’s roster for Semifinals.

How many workouts?

  • Similar to individual Quarterfinals, there will be five tests that teams must complete.
  • Teams must submit scores for their first two tests by Friday, April 23 at 12pm PT.
  • Teams must submit scores for their second two tests by Saturday, April 24  at 12pm PT.
  • Teams must submit scores for their final test by Sunday, April 25 at 12pm PT.

Scoring and video review:

  • Similar to individual Quarterfinals, teams must submit videos of their workout if they wish to progress to the next stage of qualification for the CrossFit Games (Semifinals).
  • Scores and workouts will not be released to the public until the close of each submission deadline in the same fashion as individual Quarterfinals.

Who moves on?

  • From each country, only the top teams will move on to Semifinals.
  • North America: Top 80 teams.
  • Europe: Top 40 teams.
  • Oceania: Top 20 teams.
  • South America: Top 20 teams.
  • Asia: Top 20 teams.
  • Africa: Top 20 teams.

The equipment:

  • Tape to mark the floor.
  • 2 35# and two 50# dumbbells.
  • Jump rope for each team member.
  • Wall space.
  • Two GHDs:
    • One GHD must measure 37 inches from the ground to the top of the support pad.
    • One GHD must measure 40 inches from the ground to the top of the support pad.
  • 1 climbing rope (15 feet tall).
  • 2 C2 rowers.
  • 1 20# medball and 1 14# medball.
  • 10 foot and 9 foot wallball targets.
  • Squat rack.
  • 1 45# (20kg) barbell and 1 35# (15kg) barbell.
  • Standard bumper plates and change plates.
  • 1 24” and 1 30” box (top of the box must be at least 15”x15”).
  • Video recording device.

The floor plans:

  • From the overview of the expected floor plans and equipment list, it appears that the programming for the team Quarterfinals will look very similar to the programming created for the individual Quarterfinals.

Top (known) team rosters so far:

Mayhem Freedom (Currently 1st in the world)

  • Andrea Nisler
  • Taylor Williamson
  • Rich Froning
  • Chase Hill

Team Butchers Lab T-Bone (Currently 50th in the world)

  • Christian Lovschall
  • Eskild Johannessen
  • Amanda Lindeberg Mathiasen
  • Maria Albertsen

Team Butchers Lab (Currently 5th in the world)

  • Julian Kragh-Maschvitsz
  • Klaus Uggerhoj
  • Frederikke Frandsen
  • Martine Solheim

Team Invictus (Currently 2nd in the world)

  • Jenn Ryan
  • Brittany Weiss
  • Jorge Fernandez
  • Eric Carmody
  • Erik Thomas

Invictus Unconquerable (Currently 7th in the world)

  • Taylor Ballek
  • Alex Bozenhard
  • Deshawn Smith
  • Devyn Kim

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