LIFEAID Launches League4Life to Support Student-Athletes

November 25, 2021 by
Photo Credit: LIFEAID Beverage Co.
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LIFEAID Beverage co. has launched a new initiative to directly support collegiate athletes. League4Life will use a dedicated fund and resources to directly support these athletes while expanding the company’s endorsement program. 

One big thing: FITAID will not simply focus on compensating athletes as part of a traditional endorsement deal. The company established League4Life on three primary pillars — Independence; Health and Wellness; and Fitness of Body and Mind. 

  • The Independence pillar focuses on compensating athletes for their talents while simultaneously teaching them about sports business. 
  • The Health and Wellness pillar examines the ingredients that athletes put into their bodies. FITAID aims to replace sugar-filled energy drinks with cleaner options. 
  • The Fitness of Body and Mind pillar aims to set a new standard for adding athletes to a roster. The company will provide insights from sports professionals, the newly established Sports Advisory Council, and health and wellness experts. 

The Sports Advisory Council will be a panel of experts from various backgrounds. There will be agents at several top professional athlete firms, current and former professional athletes, and “several other thrilling additions”  that FITAID will announce at a later date.

  • Aaron Hinde, LIFEAID co-founder and president: “What you put in your body directly affects how you show up at home, on the field, and in the world. The nation’s best collegiate athletes deserve better. Just as brands like Body Armour have disrupted the 1960s sports drinks industry, we are ready to step up the evolution of athletic recovery, starting with student-athletes.”

The Bottom line: FITAID works with a wide range of athletes across multiple sports. Some examples are Sara Sigmundsdottir (CrossFit), Jeffrey Adler (CrossFit), Joey Gallo (MLB), Derwin James (NFL), Budda Baker (NFL), Brandon Aiyuk (NFL), and Kevon Looney (NBA). League4Life marks a major change for the company as it now focuses on some of the biggest college athletes and helps them prepare for their professional careers.

  • Student-Athletes can apply to become a Team FITAID representative at The panel of experts will examine several factors before making a decision, such as geography, area of influence, and demonstrated representation of company values.

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