101 Unbroken TTB: Alizee Andreani

December 1, 2021 by
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CrossFit Quarterfinals athlete Alizee Andreani recently posted a video completing 101 unbroken toes-to-bar, which would break the current posted record on Beyond the Whiteboard (btwb; login required to view), a longstanding online platform tracking worldwide performance on a myriad of workouts, lifts and feats of strength. The previous record on btwb of 100 unbroken reps was set by Kristen Bennett back in 2018. The current men’s record is 156 reps by Benjamin Dameron set in 2016. 

One big thing: Feats of strength like this are often irrelevant to an athlete’s overall performance in competitive CrossFit for a number of reasons: 1). CrossFit generally awards generalists over specialists, and 2). rarely is an athlete ever asked to complete more than 50-100 reps of a specific gymnastic movement where an unbroken set would prove advantageous. 

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To put this in perspective: According to btwb, 50 unbroken reps for women would put you in the 99th percentile worldwide. The effort also took a total of 2 minutes and 30 seconds, which alone is considerably longer than most athletes could static hold from a bar. 

  • The average logged score (out of 11,239 logged scores on btwb) sits at 13.4 for women, and 21.7 for men.
  • Data from 7,748 btwb athletes with logged scores shows leaderboard toppers of 100 reps for women, and 156 reps for men with a drastic decline down to 150, 122, 109, 105, and 100 respectively. 
Photo Credit: Beyond the Whiteboard

Why it matters: Breaking new fitness barriers continue to show what’s possible at the upper spectrum of the sport. As long as there is competitive CrossFit, max effort attempts like this will continue to be set and broken. 

  • Rogue has recently expanded their record breaker series, including tests like max deadlifts in two minutes and introduced frequent online challenges like fastest time to complete 50 cals on an Echo Bike. 
  • As part of the 2017 launch of Reebok Nano 7, Maddie Sturt and Camille Leblanc-Bazinet each completed 41 toes-to-bar in one minute for Guinness World Records that remain today. 
  • Michael Richie holds the men’s record from the same event after completing 49 reps. 
  • Annie Thorisdottir posted a video of her max set of 40 unbroken reps in 2018

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