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2022 CrossFit Copa Sur Semifinal Official Roster

June 1, 2022 by
Photo Credit: Instagram @ricardorosascarvalho
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The 2022 CrossFit Copa Sur Semifinal takes place from June 10-13, 2022 at Shopping Vitoria in Vitoria, Brazil. Thirty male, thirty female athletes and twenty teams will square off for a chance to earn one of two spots at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games. 

Who qualifies from this event: The top two men, women and teams automatically qualify. 

  • The third, fourth and fifth place male and female finishers will advance to the Last Chance Qualifier which takes place online on June 29-July 1. 
  • The payouts awarded are $5000, $4000 and $3000 awarded to first through third, respectively, for both individuals and teams.

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Official Roster of Who’s Competing

The following men, women and teams are on the official roster to compete at the 2022 CrossFit Copa Sur. CrossFit may change this roster at any time. 

Individual Men

  1. Guilherme Domingues
  2. Bruno Marins
  3. Joao Pedro Barcelos
  4. Williams Rios
  5. Martin Gonzalez
  6. Lucas Arce
  7. Guilherme Malheiros
  8. Pablo Chalfun
  9. Anderon Primo
  10. Piero Gorichon
  11. Luiz Henrique Alves Moreira
  12. Agustin Ezequiel Guinazu
  13. Igor Lino
  14. Fabio Dechichi
  15. Thaina Toma
  16. Bruno Grigoleto
  17. Lucas Da Rosa
  18. Nicolas Bidarte
  19. Pedro Martins
  20. Kalyan Souza
  21. Kaique Cerveny
  22. Santiago Comba
  23. Vitor Caetano
  24. Esteban Ospina
  25. Agustin Richelme
  26. Gustavo Errico
  27. Nicolas Canil
  28. Juan Manuel Seitun
  29. Omar Martinez
  30. Maximiliano Arigossi

Individual Women

  1. Mailen Mauccione
  2. Gabriela Marrafon
  3. Tassia Dadda
  4. Giovanna Magnani
  5. Bruna Fernandes
  6. Carol Colling
  7. Melina Rodriguez
  8. Kiara Priscilla Schneider
  9. Amanda Fusuma
  10. Jane Silva
  11. Luiza Marques
  12. Evelin Alvarez
  13. Bruna Baxhix
  14. Maisa Ghanem
  15. Amanda Bacetti
  16. Julia Kato
  17. Barbara Caravello
  18. Claudia Espinosa
  19. Lucy Pacheco
  20. Caroline Ferreira
  21. Alexia Williams
  22. Victoria Campos
  23. Claudia Amaral
  24. Emily Andrade
  25. Constanza Cabrera
  26. Laura Gonzalez-Marin
  27. Emiliana Guerra
  28. Valentina Rangel
  29. Andreia Pinheiro
  30. Thais Nunes


  1. CrossFit Berrini Team Treta
  2. CrossFit Boqueirao X-Force
  3. Cavaleiros CrossFit
  4. Avanti CrossFit SPL
  5. Mapana CrossFit Mapana
  6. CrossFit Pinda
  7. Q21 CrossFit
  8. Vittoria CrossFit Morereps
  9. CrossFit Ribeirao Preto
  10. Bull Box MDE CrossFit We Blessed
  11. BXP CrossFit Team BXP
  12. CrossFit Marilia CFMRLA
  13. Kingbull CrossFit Paraguay
  14. CrossFit Tyranno
  15. CrossFit Tavros Tavros Team
  16. CrossFit Villa Luiro
  17. CrossFit Praia Grande Team CFPG
  18. CrossFit Tuluka
  19. CrossFit Caserna
  20. CrossFit SP

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